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Photographing Flowing Lava in Hawaii

Varina Patel has fallen in love with the Big Island of Hawaii. Here's what she recommends for photographing flowing lava.
Do & Don't of Lightweight Tripods

What do you wear for cold weather photography?

What do you wear for cold weather photography when you kn ow you’ll be spending part of the time standing in cold water?
Icebergs at the beach - Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Iconic Locations: Why do you keep going back?

Do you believe that some iconic locations have been photographed so often that there's no way to get a unique photo? I don't think so!

How to photograph during windy conditions

Do you put your camera away when it gets windy? Or do you pull it out and let the wind paint a picture for you?
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The Rule of Thirds Isn't Enough

Varina Patel shows you how she uses colors, textures, size and camera setting to come away with a unique composition from a place that she has photographed before.

When the Camera Man Takes Over

This is what happened when our camera man offered to teach a lesson, using only the notes Varina had prepared for herself. We couldn't stop laughing... but who knows! Maybe you'll learn something!
Glacier National Park - Varina Patel

Photographing Dramatic Light

Varina gives some sound advise to come away with capturing awesome landscape photos in dramatic light.

Post Processing for Natural Greens

Varina gives you some great advise to bring out the natural greens in your photos during post processing.
Tides Pools, Redwood National Forest, California

Composition Tips for Macro Photography

Varina Patel uses less is more is the mantra to come away with breath taking macro of this sea anemone in the tide pools.

Finding the Best Tide Pools to Photograph

Varina Patel shows you how she go about selecting the best tide pools to photograph
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8 Tips for Better Beach Photography

Shooting at the Beach - Tips for great Beach Photography.
Rainbow in Scotland

Selecting Images for Display

Planning and preparing a collection of prints takes time, but getting your work out there is good for business - and it can be a lot of fun to see your work on display.