Getting it Right with Fast Shutter Speed

Pro photographer Jay Patel tell you how to capture some breathtaking nature photos with fast shutter speed.
Godafoss by Clint Burkinshaw

Sharpening Images for the Web - Dos and Don'ts

Clint Burkinshaw walks us through the dos and don'ts of the sharpening images before sharing them on the web.

Other Items in my Camera Bag

Besides cameras and lenses here is some of the random items that lives in Lace Andersen camera bag.

The Creative Block . . . Five Ways to Combat It

Here are some awesome suggestions from pro photographer Christine D. Hauber to combat that creative block.

Black Friday Deals Ends Today

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Thinking Beyond the Iconic Shot

Peter Coskun gives you compelling reasons why you should be looking beyond that iconic shot that every photographers wants to capture.
Copse of cypresses, Val d'Orcia

Photographing Tuscany: The Val d'Orcia

Ugo Cei gives takes on on a tour and gives us in-depth information about photographing Tuscany.

When Depth of Field is Not Enough

Josh Cripps shares 4 simple but effective techniques to around the problem of not enough depth of field in our landscape photos.

Is There Bad Light in Landscape Photography?

Is there such as bad light in landscape photography? Or just plain bad imagination? Here is what Pro Photographer Jay Patel has to say.
Calling Out Eagle

Photographing Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary

Pro wildlife photographer Rahul Sachdev tell us about wildlife photographers paradise of Tal Chappar - The Grassland Wonder.

Benefits of Using Single-point Focus

Clint Burknishaw walks us through different focusing scenarios that will benefit from your camera's single-point focus setting.

How to use Shutter Speed Creatively

Gaurav Mittal presents a compelling arguments on how and why you should be using shutter speed to capture creative images.