The Tao of Landscape Photography

For pro photographer Alex Lagarejos landscape photography is the absolute antithesis of his day job. Here is how he pursues it.
Cathedrals Caves, Catlins, New Zeland

Dealing with Extreme Tonal Range

Bracketing and Blending is not the ONLY way to capture extreme tonal range. Here are some other ideas.
Sometimes when the sky is plain and blue, black and white works to create a nice contrasty scene where the focus is on the shapes and tones.

When to fall back to Black and White photography?

Here are some basic guidelines by pro photographer Christine Hauber on when to fall back to black and white photography.
A brief window of light over the grand canyon after a clearing winter storm.

An Intro to Camera's Metering Modes

Metering modes - What is it and why it is important to understand how they work even if you may not always use them.
Big Island, Hawaii (HI), USA

Landscape Photography Workflow: Sea Urchin

Landscape photography workflow often requires an out-of-the-box thinking especially when shooting challenging subject like sea urchins.
Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Full Frame or Crop Factor Camera?

"I need a full frame camera because it is better than a crop factor camera." Right? Here is our take on it.
The Canadian Pacific Train along the Bow River in Banff, Alberta

Tips for Winter Photography

Winter Photography can be challenging for number of reasons. So here are few tips to get you started.
157-5759_CRW New

5 Myths About Professional Landscape Photographers

What makes a professional Landscape Photographer? Is is the equipment you carry? Money you make?
Hawaii Surf Waves

Photographing Pounding Surf

Pro Photograph Nick Selway shows you how to create stunning abstract by photographing pounding surf on a beach.
Pioneer Basin, California

Photographing Reflections: More Than Meets the Eye

Photographing reflections often creates images that look "Photo-shopped" or "Fake". Here is why.
narrows panoramic copy

4 Reasons to use your Camera's Liveview

Peter Coskun offers compelling reasons why you should be using your camera's liveview when taking landscape photos.

Why you should Watermark your Landscape Photos

Lace Andersen explains why you should add watermark your landscape photos.