Canon 5D Mark III / 600mm 1.4X / 1/80 sec @ F/8.0 / Scarlet dragonfly

7 Step to Streamline your Bird Photography Workflow

Our resident bird expert Gaurav Mittal gives us some pointers for coming up with a streamlined bird photography workflow.
Canon IDX / 800mm / 1/1600 sec @ F/8.0 / Sandhill Crane

Beginner's Guide to Photographing Birds In Flight

Photographing birds in flight is extremely challenging. This article provides us with several fantastic tips on how to do this successfully.

How to set white balance for wildlife photography

Rahul Sachdev discusses two roles of white balance in wildlife photography...depicting correct color tones and being creative.

Wildlife Photography on the Falkland Islands

Some of the best wildlife photography in the world can be had on the Falkland Islands: a remote South Atlantic archipelago.

Being Creative with your Wildlife Photography

Being creative with your wildlife photography can result in some unique photos. Gaurav Mittal is here to get you started.

Creative use of Shutter Speed and Aperture

Pro photographer Rahul Sachdev shows us how to use shutter speed and aperture to capture some stunning creative wildlife photos.

Composition Lessons for Bird Photography

Are you ready to capture some stunning bird photos? Here are few easy to follow composition lessons for bird photography by Denise Ippolito.

Top 3 Tips Bird Photography for Beginners

Are you ready to capture stunning bird photos? Pro wildlife photographer Rahul Sachdev gives some pointed tips to get you started in bird photography.
Canon 7D Mark II, 1/80sec, f/8.0, ISO 800 Green Bee-eater

How to Pursue Outdoor Photography with a Disability

When Gaurav Mittal tells us how he was able to overcome debilitating neck pains to pursue outdoor photography.
Calling Out Eagle

Photographing Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary

Pro wildlife photographer Rahul Sachdev tell us about wildlife photographers paradise of Tal Chappar - The Grassland Wonder.

How to use Shutter Speed Creatively

Gaurav Mittal presents a compelling arguments on how and why you should be using shutter speed to capture creative images.

How to Capture Stunning Back-lit Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Photographer Rahul Sachdev show us how back lighting can create some dramatic wildlife photos.