Wildlife Photography on the Falkland Islands

Some of the best wildlife photography in the world can be had on the Falkland Islands: a remote South Atlantic archipelago. Some of the more popular hot spots include: The Neck on Saunders, Volunteer Point, Steeple Jason, Carcass, Pebble, Sea Lion and Bleaker. All of which offer great opportunities for wildlife photography. One reason this destination is so popular with photographers is because you do not have ropes and guards, you are free to roam the land at your leisure, photographing whatever you like when you like. There are some common sense rules that apply whenever photographing wildlife but the freedom that you enjoy on the Falklands makes it a number one spot for many.

Penguins on Falkland Islands

Penguins on Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are best known for penguins, including: king, rockhopper, gentoo and magellanic. You may also be able to see a stray macaroni penguin if you are lucky. Another species that you would see in great numbers would be the Black-browed Albatross. I have photographed these on Steeple Jason and on Saunders at both the Neck and the Rookery. These are large graceful birds with wingspans over 6.5 feet. They tend to their young meticulously and they are a joy to photograph.

Typical example of Wildlife Photography on Falkland Islands

Black-browed Albatross on Falkland Islands

The Striated Caracara, listed as “Near Threatened” is a bird of prey of the family Falconidae. They are commonly called Johnny Rooks. These birds are scavengers but they are also killers. I have seen them prey on young Gentoo chicks and rip them one by one, all day long right out from under the adult Gentoos. They have stolen hats off of photographer’s heads and have dive bombed anyone getting too close to their nest sites. Still they are amazing creatures and loads of fun to photograph.

Other seabirds include the Southern Giant Petrel, Storm Petrels and Diving Petrels. Rock Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants breed on the Islands. There is a decent colony of Rock Cormorant on Bleaker. Skuas, gulls and terns are common to see. There are too many species to name but you get the idea. It is a birder’s paradise.

Birds on Falkland Islands

Birds on Falkland Islands

The Falklands are also home to Sea Lions, Fur Seals, Elephant Seal, Dolphin and Orcas making them ideal for any photographer looking to capture marine wildlife photography. On my last visit, there were many Orcas circling the islands. They were a treat to see as I did not see them on my prior visit. Getting to the Falklands can be a bit tricky. There is one flight per week and if you miss it you have to wait for the next week. Once you get there you can use inter-island flights to get you from one island to the next.


About Author Denise Ippolito

Denise Ippolito is a full time award winning professional photographer, workshop leader, and artist living in New Jersey. Denise travels extensively presenting slide lectures and seminars and teaching photography and Photoshop. Her workshops feature a variety of subjects including: avian, flower, landscape and creative photography.
Denise’s love for nature started at an early age; she has always felt very passionate about wildlife. Knowing, that every living being, depends on the human race to conserve and preserve our natural environment. Through her photography she hopes to broaden awareness and inspire others to share her love for our planet and its resources.
In 2017 Denise’s image titled, Snow Globe was selected as the First Place "Winged Life" category winner for the BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition. Her image of a Moseley's Rockhopper Penguin was selected as the "Birds" Category Winner in the prestigious Nature's Best 2016 Windland Smith Rice International Awards Competition. In 2015 she also won the Category for "Art in Nature" in the Nature's Best 2015 Windland Smith Rice International Awards Competition.
In 2010 and again in 2014, Denise received a Highly Honored award in the prestigious Windland Smith Rice Nature's Best competition. Also in 2014 one of her images was selected as part of the People's Choice Awards Top 50 Images in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. She has also won several PSA (Photographic Society of America) awards. Her images have been published in the Wall Street Journal, magazines and books, sold as greeting cards, calendars and featured in a Sierra Club Documentary. Most recently, Denise appeared in an episode of Xploration Awesome Planet for Fox 5 television.