When the Camera Man Takes Over

This is what happened when our camera man offered to teach a lesson, using only the notes Varina had prepared for herself. We couldn't stop laughing... but who knows! Maybe you'll learn something!
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Lightroom Tip: Never Miss Dust Spots

Discover the best way using Lightroom to make sure you never miss fixing a dust spot again.
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How to Fix a Bent Horizon in Photoshop

Johny Spenser shows you how to fix a bent horizon in your panorama images with Photoshop.
Banff National Park - Alberta, Canada

What to Photograph in Overcast Conditions

Here is what to do if you find yourself in a place what lacks colors, textures or any amazing geology under heavy overcast conditions
Tides Pools, Redwood National Forest, California

Composition Tips for Macro Photography

Varina Patel uses less is more is the mantra to come away with breath taking macro of this sea anemone in the tide pools.

Finding the Best Tide Pools to Photograph

Varina Patel shows you how she go about selecting the best tide pools to photograph
Big Island, Hawaii (HI), USA

Tips for Finding Macro Subjects

Here is a very simple tip that Jay uses to find Macro subject for his nature photography.

Playing with Depth of Field

Brent Mail show that experimentation is the key in determining what aperture is the best for taking an landscape photo.

Composition Tip for Better Photos

Next time you’re out photographing, try changing your angle of view to create stronger photos.
Wild Goanna

Three tips for better wildlife photography

How to get better wildlife images when out in nature - get in close and get low.
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3 Uses for Lightroom's Radial Filter

In this video you'll learn 3 must know tips for enhancing your landscape images with the radial filter in Lightroom.
Gaurav Mittal give us tip on capturing birds in action.

How to Sharpen Your Bird Photos

Gaurav Mittal provides some key post-processing suggestions to help you bring out the best in your photo.