Black & White Flower Photography


Master the art of crafting jaw-dropping black and white floral images that captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression.

– with Padma Inguva

April 28, 2024 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I cannot attend my Live Online Class Session?

We record all our live classes session. So if for some reason you cannot attend a live session you will have 1 year watch the the recorded video.

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What do I need to attend Live Class Session?

You will need a high-speed internet connection to attend our live online class.

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What's Included in our Online Classes?

Visual Wilderness Online classes is a live event. Here is what is included in our live online classes:

  • You will be able to watch and hear the instructors as they teach the class topic.
  • Our instructors use a variety of teaching materials in the online classes. These materials may include a Live video, Presentation, Post Processing and Field Videos and more.
  • You will be able to ask question during the Live Event using Zoom’s chat box. NOTE: You do not need a microphone to ask questions. All questions are submitted using the chat box.
  • We will send you a video recording of the class after the live session is completed.


  • Introduction: Welcome and Overview of the Session
  • Exploring Subjects: Techniques for Identifying Subjects Ideal for Black and White Imaging
  • Mastering Black & White Flower Photography: Step-by-Step Guide to Transforming Colorful Florals into Stunning Black and White Masterpieces
  • Questions & Answers: Addressing Participant Queries and Clarifications
  • Conclusion: Key Takeaways and Recap of Essential Learnings


  • Compatible with: Photoshop CC 2023 or later with various NIK plug-ins, Adobe Lightroom Classic.
  • Video Created with: Photoshop CC 2023 or later, Adobe Lightroom Classic.


Enroll in our Black & White Flower Photography Post-Processing Class and embark on a transformative journey to unleash your creativity, refine your skills, and elevate your artistry to new heights.

  • Master the Art of Subject Selection: Learn how to identify key elements such as texture, contrast, and composition that elevate your images to artistic excellence.
  • Elevate Your Post-Processing Workflow: Develop a comprehensive and efficient workflow using industry-standard software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and NIK Collection.
  • Learn to Create Visual Impact: Unlock the secrets to enhancing the visual impact of your floral photographs through precise adjustments and creative editing techniques.
  • Master the use of Photoshop Plugins: Discover advanced methods for manipulating tonal ranges, contrast, and luminosity to achieve breathtaking variations in your black and white compositions.
  • Dive Deep into Case Studies: Immerse yourself in immersive start-to-finish case studies that unveil the secrets behind crafting exquisite fine art black and white images.
  • Explore Best Practices: Learn expert tips, tricks, and techniques for optimizing your workflow, organizing your digital assets, and achieving professional-grade results.

Experience the thrill of crafting jaw-dropping black and white floral images that captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression.

What People are Saying

Padma Inguva is an excellent teacher

I enjoyed this Online Class very much. Padma Inguva is an excellent teacher. Learned so much and inspired to experiment using a light box for photography. I would be interested in any online classes or tutorials that Padma teaches.

Deborah Alberty
Prescott, AZ

Great information

Visual Wilderness Online Classes have great information presented in a logical manner.

Susan Baker
Ory Payson, AZ

Padma Inguva have so much information to share

Both Alan Shapiro and Padma Inguva have so much information to share. I would certainly attend other classes from Alan Shapiro and Padma Inguva.

Ila Barnes
Brooklyn, NY

Visual Wilderness Online Classes are brilliant!

The hands on demonstration portion of the Visual Wilderness Online Classes are brilliant! Such a great way to learn!

Pat Rhubottom

Informative and enjoyable

Visual Wilderness Online Classes  are very informative and enjoyable. So glad to have these type of webinars available.

Lisa Phillips
Las Cruces, NM

A great learning experience for me

Visual Wilderness Online Classes offered a great learning experience for me. I have been trying to get to the next level in my post-processing and this really helped. It opened up many new doors for me and challenges me to many new creative possibilities.

Jack Tsuji
Los Angeles, California

topnotch instructions

Visual Wilderness Online Classes offers topnotch instructions that will advance your skills.

Alton Marsh
Frederick, Maryland

Padma’s Online Class really helped increase my knowledge

I have been experimenting with light box photography and Padma Inguva‘s Online Class really helped increase my knowledge and skills.

Susan Milinkovich
Cincinnati. OH, USA

I have learned so much from the videos

Visual Wilderness Streaming Service is the one service that I subscribe to that I truly would be heartbroken to lose!!! I have learned so much from the videos and love that I can go back and re-watch them to refresh myself whenever I want. I knew the videos were outstanding, but I’m in awe at how amazing your customer service is.

Stephanie Young
Kentucky, United States

They opened a new horizon for me

I thoroughly enjoyed both of my Visual Wilderness Online Classes. They opened a new horizon for me and built on the knowledge I already have. I’m glad I have access to them for a year as I still have much to absorb…doesn’t happen all at once :)))

Colleen Kube
Vermont, USA