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Basic & Apprentice Series Video Courses

  • Wide Angle Lenses

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  • Hyperfocal Distance

  • In Sharp Focus

  • Creating Impact Vol-2

  • Gettting it Right in Camera Vol – 2

  • Getting it Right in Camera Vol-1

  • Creating Impact

  • Bracketing Exposed

  • Spot on Exposure

  • Histograms Exposed

  • Essential Filters

  • Behind the Lens


Video Course Bundles

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  • Behind the Lens Bundle

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  • Bracketing and Blending Bundle

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  • Creating Impact

    Creating Impact Vol-1 Bundle

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  • Creating Impact Vol-2 Bundle

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  • Essential Filters Bundle

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  • Exposure Bundle

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  • Focus Bundle

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  • Getting it Right in Camera Bundle

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  • Histogram Exposed & LR Bundle

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  • Histograms Exposed & ACR Bundle

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  • Hyperfocal Distance Bundle

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  • In Sharp Focus Bundle

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  • Spot on Exposure Bundle

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What Customers are Saying

Once again, a wonderful course (Getting it Right in Camera) that you have created here, in stunning locations, and by means of your intuitive style of teaching all the concepts and techniques can be properly digested. The case studies provide invaluable insights in how you work your cameras and the thought processes behind creating those wonderful images – easy to follow and replicate for your students.
Frank WeitzerGermany

Imagine This…

You arrive at a spectacular location and your first reaction is “WOW!! This place is incredible!” Your second reaction is to capture that stunning scene unfolding before your eyes with all the photography gear you have in your bag.

But where to start?

The field of photography can be difficult to master because it involves both creative and technical sides. We break down this landscape photography skill set into four areas…

Essentials Skills for Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography
From purchasing your first camera to becoming a pro – here are the essential skills you’ll need for landscape and nature photography.