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Landscape photography tips, inspiration, real-life stories from some of the world’s best landscape photographers.

Cover for nature photography blog post about shooting waves by Lace Andersen

Nature Photography Tips for Stunning Wave Photos

Kauai based pro photographer Lace Andersen gives some practical nature photography tips for capturing stunning photos of the waves in motion.
February 19, 2020/by Lace Andersen
Cover for light in landscape photography blog post by Peter Coskun

Landscape Photography Lessons for capturing Light

Here are few lessons from Peter Coskun to help you capture different types of light in landscape photography to create stunning images.
February 17, 2020/by Peter Coskun
Cover or Nature Photography Business blog post by Patricia Davidson

10 Steps to starting a Nature Photography Business

Here is some invaluable suggestions by Pro photographer Patricia Davidson to get your nature photography business started correctly.
February 14, 2020/by Patricia Davidson
Cover for nature photography blog post about colors by Anne Belmont

Essential Principles of Color Theory for Nature Photography

Pro photographer Anne Belmont provides a solid foundation of color theory for nature photography and how it can use it to create striking photos.
February 12, 2020/by Anne Belmont
Cover for Landscape Photography blog about post processing by Jay Patel

Post Processing advice from Pro Nature Photographers

Jay Patel takes in in-depth look at look at post processing the mistakes that beginner nature photographers should avoid.
February 10, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for bird photography blog article about capturing birds in flight by Gaurav Mittal

A Beginners Guide for Photographing Birds in Flight

Gaurav Mittal provides in depth beginner bird photography tips to overcome the extreme challenges of photographing birds in flight.
February 7, 2020/by Gaurav Mittal
Cover for landscape photography composition blog post by Jane Palmer

Depth & Distractions in Landscape Photography Composition

Pro photographer Jane Palmer tells how to shes make decision on what to include and what NOT to include in her landscape photography composition.
February 5, 2020/by Jane Palmer
Cover for night Photography blog post about photo stacking by Joshua Snow

Night Photography Tips for Photo Stacking

Pro photographer Joshua Snow shares in depth night photography tips to create stunning noise free night photos using multiple photos stacking technique.
February 3, 2020/by Joshua Snow

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