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Nature photography tips, inspiration, real-life stories from some of the world’s best landscape photographers.

Cover for wide angle lens nature photography blog article by Jay Patel

How to use a Wide Angle Lens for Nature Photography

Here are some easy to follow wide angle nature photography lessons from Jay Patel to help you capture stunning images no matter what.
July 13, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for nature photography blog post about weather by David Johnston.

Nature Photography Tips to Deal with Predictable Weather

Practical nature photography tips by David Johnston when weather patterns at a location repeats on a daily basis.
July 10, 2020/by David Johnston
Cover for Wildlife Photography blog post by Rahul Sachdev

Creative Wildlife Photography with Shutter Speed and Aperture

Rahul Sachdev gives us invaluable wildlife photography tips about using shutter speed and aperture to capture stunning creative photos.
July 8, 2020/by Rahul Sachdev
Landscape Photography Article on Photography Filters by Jay Patel

Should I carry Graduated Neutral Density Filters?

Is it better to use Graduated Neutral Density Filters in the field, or high dynamic range (HDR) processing in Photoshop for nature photos?
July 6, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for handheld landscape photography blogs post by Charlotte Gibb

Handheld Landscape Photography Tips to capture Stunning Photos

Sharp landscape photography without a tripod? Charlotte Gibb has 7 tips that will improve your chances of getting a great shot handheld.
July 2, 2020/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for landscape photography business blog post by Jay Patel

Am I Ready to Start a Landscape Photography Business?

Here are some insights from Visual Wilderness co-founder Jay Patel to help you decide if you are ready for a full-time landscape photography business.
June 29, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for Online Vibrant Colors Workshop on Visual Wilderness

Vibrant Colors Online Photography Workshop – June 27 & 28

June 26, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for vibrant colors in landscape photography blog post by Jay Patel

Vibrant Colors in Landscape Photography in Harsh Light

Pro photographer Jay Patel shares indispensable ideas to capture stunning colors in landscape photography in harsh lighting conditions at midday.
June 24, 2020/by Jay Patel

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