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What You’ll Learn

  • Master the basics of landscape photography – from planning your composition, to focus and exposure.
  • Discover advanced photography concepts, including Bracketing, Hyperfocal Distance, and the Principles of Perception.
  • Develop your post-processing skills with Lightroom and Photoshop Tutorials.
  • Learn to work with the tools you have to create photos with impact – from lenses and filters, to camera settings… and your own creativity!
  • Explore the Start-to-Finish workflow of the Pros – from fieldwork to the finished product.
  • Learn how you can overcome the challenges of landscape photography with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

What People are Saying

Excellent webinar

Excellent webinar by Visual Wilderness., giving me the info I need. Alan Shapiro is a very good

Richard Kaylin
Grand Junction, Colorado

Enlightening and easy to understand

Alan Shapiro is a phenomenal photographer and artist. His thought process and techniques are enlightening and easy to

Patricia Stokes
Fall City, Washington

I congratulate Jay and Varina on an excellent course!

I congratulate Jay and Varina on an excellent course. Naturally the most important element is the human and I am enjoying your philosophy, meticulous attention to detail, and words of wisdom learned sometimes the hard way.

Stephen Veronneau
Edmond, Oklahoma

Love how Alan approaches enhancing each image

I learned a tremendous amount – all the techniques Alan Shapiro covered: profiles, color checker, calibration, new curves, crushing the blacks, sketching w/virtual copies, range masking and more. Love how Alan approaches enhancing each image as a

Barbara Reiner
New Haven, CT

Jay and Varina’s style of teaching is so amazing

Your and Varina’s style of teaching is so amazing. You bring the workshop to my home in lucid and easy to understand style. I have subscribed to many including PPSOP, Lynda…But your team is the best!

Sunil Udupa
Mumbai, India

I have learned so much from the videos

Visual Wilderness Streaming Service is the one service that I subscribe to that I truly would be heartbroken to lose!!! I have learned so much from the videos and love that I can go back and

Stephanie Young
Kentucky, United States

You guys do a fabulous job teaching

You guys do a fabulous job teaching the Essential Filters Course  in a fairly easy and straightforward manner that we can comprehend quickly. I have already learned a lot about different tips and tricks just by

Jeffery Wong

Padma’s Online Class really helped increase my knowledge

I have been experimenting with light box photography and Padma Inguva‘s Online Class really helped increase my knowledge and

Susan Milinkovich
Cincinnati. OH, USA

Easy to follow and replicate for your students

Once again, a wonderful course (Getting it Right in Camera) that you have created here, in stunning locations, and by means of your intuitive style of teaching all the concepts and techniques can be properly digested.

Frank Weitzer

Presentation was very informative

Alan Shapiro’s presentation was very informative. His combination of several texture layers certainly gives painterly

Marjorie Prescott
La Jolla, California