Essentials Skills for Capturing Stunning Photos

InFocus Deals - May 2016

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How can I create a stunning portfolio like this?

Here is what you need to know to start building your own stunning portfolio:

  • Learn to Shoot: To get started you will need three pieces of equipment: a camera, a normal zoom lens (24-70mm), and a tripod. With this you can learn to master the critical skills for landscape photography: Focus and Exposure.
  • Develop Creative Workflow: At its core, landscape photography is all about determining and developing your workflow. We define workflow in this context simply as the set of steps you follow in order to actualize whatever stunning image you may envision.
  • Fine Tune your Post Processing Knowledge: Post-processing offers the unlimited potential to make corrections to your photos and also to overcome the limitation of the camera (such as DOF and Dynamic Range). But remember, post-processing is NOT a replacement for learning to shoot. In the long run, having the “fix it later in Photoshop” attitude hurts your creativity and development as a photographer.

Although the subject matter is beautiful and vast, it is surprisingly easy to get started in nature photography. All you need is mirrorless or DSLR camera with a manual exposure, a lens, a tripod, and post-processing software. If you already have the necessary gear, all that’s left for you to obtain is a little bit of knowledge.

This is where our InFocus Deals come in. We offer a carefully selected collection of top-quality educational materials created by acclaimed photographers and instructors from all over the world. When you take part in our InFocus Deals, you can be confident that you are learning from the best. And, more importantly, you are giving yourself that little bit of knowledge you need so you can take what you’ve learned and immerse yourself in the great outdoors- and start building a spectacular portfolio.

InFocus Deals – May 2016

Our May InFocus Deals includes a wonderful variety of eBooks and video tutorials from some of the world’s best landscape photographers.

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