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There’s always something included in InFocus Nature Photography Newsletter that I can use to improve my photographic creativity. There’s a lot to learn from reading your experiences, both good and bad. This magazine comes to me in an ‘awkward’ format, but I still love the sharing which is written like as though it was made within a family structure.
JackNew Zealand

Newsletter Samples

Here are a few of the inspirational stories, real-life examples and easy-to-understand nature photography tutorials that appeared in recent issues of InFocus Newsletter.

Nature Photography Example from Gulfoss Falls, Iceland

6 Traits of a Great Nature Photographer

What does it take to become a great nature photographer? Is it the equipment or talent? What about knowledge? There are countless articles, videos, and classes you can take to learn the technical and creative aspects of nature photography. According to Grant Collier, instruction can only take you so far. You also need to possess certain personality traits.

Post Processing Low Contrast Photos

This shot of Brandywine Falls is a fantastic example of the lovely fall foliage in Northeast Ohio. The scene is all about vibrant colors, but originally it lacked contrast and fell flat. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been really excited to review shots from a trip only to find that your camera failed to capture the scene as you remembered it?

Nature Photography example with sunbeams from Redwood Forest National Park, California

How to Use Your Camera’s Histogram

After you become familiar with ISO, aperture and shutter speed and how these three parameters of exposure work together, you’ll be well on your way to turning haphazard snapshots into creative works of art. But there’s one more tool that we think is absolutely essential for getting the best possible exposure in the field: your camera’s histogram.