Female Landscape Photographers – Looking for Equal Opportunity

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Proxy Falls is Located along the McKenzie Pass Highway in Lane County, Oregon.

Proxy Falls, Oregon by Patricia Davidson

On paper, there is nothing about landscape photography that should favor males over females, but the reality is far from that. Lace Andersen suggested letting the numbers speak for themselves: “Canon Explorers of Light: 33 men – 7 women, Nikon USA Ambassadors: 17 men – 7 women, Sony Artisans: 40 men – 6 women, F-Stop Global Pro Team – 34 men – 7 women.”

This problem extends to magazines, publications, and landscape photography events as well. All of our female photographers agree that “It is frustrating to see major landscape photography events and publications mostly ignore the excellent work being done by many women photographers today.”

Private Paradise by Candace Dyar

Private Paradise by Candace Dyar

So what can you do about it? Here are a few ideas:

  • Social media has provided an awesome opportunity for photographers to bypass traditional publications and take their talent to the masses.
  • Sarah Marino’s suggestion is to use the power of the internet, software, and low-cost online tools to create your own opportunities, to build a career in landscape photography without having to go through the traditional gatekeepers.
  • I’d also like to recommend that industry leaders set an example by helping to encourage women to thrive in their profession. Lend them the same support as their male counterparts by consciously seeking female speakers, writers, and representatives to participate in photographic events, publications, and collaborations. Lace Andersen would like to encourage industry leaders to work with female landscape photographers to build a stronger female presence in the landscape photography industry.
Long Exposure B/W Image by Athena Carey

Long Exposure B/W Image by Athena Carey

  • But what if you aren’t an industry leader? What if you aren’t the person who chooses the lineup for speakers at a big event? You can help by simply asking why there isn’t a more balanced group of speakers at the next event you attend… or writing a note to the editor of your favorite photo magazine to ask why you don’t see more articles by women.

This is the path we’ve tried to forge at Visual Wilderness (10 men – 10 women at the time this was published) and this article is part of that initiative.

To be continued Female Landscape Photographers – Chasing Credibility

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