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Creativity & Composition

Cover for creative photography blog post by Jane Palmer

Creative Nature Photography with Shutter Speed & Aperture

Pro photographer Jane Palmer explains how to use shutter speed and aperture to pursue creative nature photography to capture stunning photos.
September 16, 2019/by Jane Palmer
Cover for landscape photography blog article about creative variable by Ian Plant

3 High Impact Creative Variables for Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Ian Plant show us how to produce stunning photos by creatively using three basic variable for landscape photography.
August 16, 2019/by Ian Plant
Cover for landscape photography myth blog post by Jay Patel

6 Landscape photography myths that beginners should ignore

Pro photographer Ugo Cei highlights some false norms about landscape photography and help focus your attention on things that matter.
August 11, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Wildlife Photography by Gaurav Mittal

Wildlife Photography – Evoking Emotion & Feeling

Pro photographer Gaurav Mittal shows you how one goes about capturing feelings & emotions with wildlife photography using variety of techniques.
July 26, 2019/by Gaurav Mittal
Landscape Photography in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by Chrissy Donadi

Landscape Photography – How to Master the Art of Seeing

'Art of Seeing' in landscape photography is crucial for capturing photos with impact. Here are some tips from Chrissy Donadi to get started.
July 15, 2019/by Chrissy Donadi
Cover for Wildlife Photography blog article about composition by Gaurav Mittal

Wildlife Photography Composition Tips for Creating Impact

Pro photographer Gaurav Mittal gives wildlife photography composition tips to make your subject stand out and to create impact with your photos.
July 12, 2019/by Gaurav Mittal
Cover photo by Jay Patel for Black and White Landscape Photography blog article.

Why Use Black and White Photography for Sand Dunes?

Robert Strain show us why the textures, patterns and the tonal range of the sand dunes found in American southwest are ideal for Black & White Photography.
June 26, 2019/by Infocus Guest Author
Cover for Landscape Photography blog article by David Johnston on panoramic photography composition.

Photography Composition – 3 Panoramic Landscapes To Shoot

David Johnstoon show you how to add panoramic landscape to your photography composition to capture scenes that does not fit in standard 3x2 format.
June 24, 2019/by David Johnston
Creative photography with Lensbaby tutorial by Jay Patel

5 Important Variables for Creative Photography

Creative photography allows you to come away with some striking landscape photos no matter what. Here are few tips to get you started.
June 10, 2019/by Jay Patel

Creative Flower Photography with Lensbaby Sol Series

Anne Belmont shares 4 invaluable tips for creative photography to capture breath taking photos with Lensbaby's Sol 45 & Sol 22
June 7, 2019/by Anne Belmont
Cover for Landscape Photography article about being creative by Jay Patel.

Why creativity is important for Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Jay Patel explains how learning to be creative can take your landscape photography to the next level.
June 5, 2019/by Jay Patel
Landscape photography blog cover for article on photography composition by Jay Patel

Photography Composition: How to Create Visual Impact

Here is a detailed look as how pro photographer Jay Patel uses more then just rules for photography composition to capture stunning landscape photos.
May 17, 2019/by Jay Patel