I’m Jaymes, a 24-year-old nature, flower, and macro photographer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I started macro photography when I was 16, and I’ve only gotten more obsessed with the natural world. I currently write for a number of publications, including Digital Photography School and Expert Photography.

For me, nature photography is all about light–and I love to observe the light, play with it, and capture it.

My goal is to help you become an incredible nature photographer–be it macro, landscape, or birds. So for those of you looking to get started, check out my (free!) eBook:

Mastering Nature Photography: 7 Secrets for Stunning Nature Photos

You can also take a look at my guide to macro photography:

Macro Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Stunning Macro Photos

Or, if you’re in a creative rut, maybe check out this article:

10 Inspiring Macro Photography Ideas

Nature photography is incredibly rewarding, and I look forward to running into you along the way!

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