Getting Started: Develop Post Processing Workflow

Getting Started: Part – 6

Develop a Post Processing Workflow

Once you’ve finished processing with a RAW converter, you may feel that they are still not processed exactly as you want. Your processing knowledge should include, for example, how to make targeted or localized adjustments to specific parts of your images. You should also know how to fine-tune settings such as contrast.

Ouzud, Morocco

The extreme dynamic range in this landscape photos from Ozud, Morocco required Varina to bracket the photos. The bracketed photos were then combined in Photoshop using the BLENDING WITH LIGHT workflow to create the final image that you see here.

In this case study from our BLENDING WITH LIGHT tutorial, Jay explains how he uses color channels and his histogram to create a mask that’s just right for this shot of hoodoos in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

One of the most expensive parts of landscape photography is traveling to those breathtaking locations that you dream of photographing. If you travel without knowing how to use your equipment, you may come away with photos that don’t do justice to the beautiful location and waste a lot of money in the process.

Feel free to share you own experiences as beginner landscape photographer in the comments below.

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