Female Landscape Photographers - Being Respected

Female landscape photographer have to fight harder then their male counter parts at being respected. Here is what to do about it.
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Female Landscape Photographers - Chasing Credibility

Are you are looking for credibility as a female landscape photographer? If so here are few ideas.
Proxy Falls is Located along the McKenzie Pass Highway in Lane County, Oregon.

Female Landscape Photographers - Looking for Equal Opportunity

Continued from Female Landscape Photographers - Dealing with…
Everglades, Florida

Female Landscape Photographers - Dealing with Safety

How do Female Landscape photographers on Visual Wilderness deal with the safety issues they face?
Do & Don't of Lightweight Tripods

Female Landscape Photographers - Managing Equipment

Here is how talented Female Landscape photographers on Visual Wilderness deal with the challenges they face.
Social Media Photographer

5 Stages of a Social Media Photographer

Social Media photographer is born when your mom or your friends tell you that you have an eye for photography.
Pnther Creek Falls, Washington (WA), USA

Photography Business - Two Years Later

In our second full year in the photography business we spent more time fine-tuning our business model.
Rainbow in Scotland

Selecting Images for Display

Planning and preparing a collection of prints takes time, but getting your work out there is good for business - and it can be a lot of fun to see your work on display.
Content Creation Strategy

How to Tame the Social Media Monster

The trick to taming the social networking monster is to make the most of the time spent on social media. It takes discipline and forethought - Here is how we do it.
Bandon Beach Sunset

5 Ways to Promote Your Photography Locally

Getting noticed can seem hard at first, but there are places locally you might not have thought about where you can display your work.
Emerald Reflections

10 Things To Do Before You Begin Your Photography Business

Are you ready to start your own Photography business? Here is some great advise by Patricia Davidson.

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly? Here are few things to consider when you are designing your site to be mobile-friendly.