5 Ways to Promote Your Photography Locally

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Now that you’ve decided to start selling your photography because friends, family or co-workers have offered to purchase one of your prints, you might be wondering how you can sell in your local area. Getting noticed can seem hard at first, but there are places locally you might not have thought about where you can display your work. I’ve listed a few to get you started.

 1. Artist Clubs & Organizations

There are many camera, art clubs and organizations that may be in your local area worth looking into. Some art associations include many types of artists. They often have annual shows and exhibits where you can display along with others. These groups may do all the publicity to attract the public. Many times their exhibits are in local malls; art museums and can attract a large number of people.

 2. Community Art Walks

Art Walks can be a fun way of getting your work noticed. It’s also a great way to make connections with community members as well as other artists. By talking to other participating artists, you may learn about other ways to promote your work in your town.

 3. Festivals

Local festivals can be fun. You should know up front that they are a lot of work and can be expensive. Not only will you need to have a significant amount of inventory, you’ll often have to pay the festival fees and insurance. If you choose to go this way, the right festival can be profitable. If you live in an area with a high amount of tourism, you have the potential to make good sales.

 4. Local Businesses

There are medical centers, restaurants and other businesses in you area that may be willing to display your work in their establishments. You need to look for the opportunities and be open to try new things.

 5. Public Libraries

Many libraries showcase local art on a monthly basis. Contact your library and find out how you can get on their list. They often will let you have a reception during the month. The library coordinator will generally send out a press release to local media about your photography display and may even share it on their social networks.

Why not get started showcasing your work within your local area!


About Author Patricia Davidson

Patricia Davidson is an award-winning outdoor photographer, specializing in landscape, commercial and editorial assignments, and travel photography. Patricia has spent the last 20 years living on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast where she developed her landscape photography skills. Currently, she and her husband live nomadically, traveling in their RV throughout the western United States. With a background in the visual arts and web development, she sets out to produce images that express her artistic vision and passion for photography, as well as her love of nature and the outdoors.