Composition Tip for Better Photos

Next time you’re out shooting, try changing your angle of view and see how it totally changes your images. In this photography quick-tip, I run through how I capture these rainbow lorikeets and how I made the images so much stronger by changing my perspective.

How to get better wildlife images:

  • Look for distracting elements
  • Change your perspective – for a stronger image
  • Watch that eye – make sure it’s sharp!

Highlights of this video:
0:25 – Camera and lens combination
0:40 – Shooting up high
0:57 – Why shallow depth of field?
1:42 – Change angle of view… see the difference
2:08 – Removing distracting elements
2:46 – See the difference?

About Author Brent Mail

Brent Mail is an award winning pro-photographer who loves to help fellow photographers improve their craft. He has created more than a dozen popular photography courses and now spends most of his time in the Share-Inspire-Create Lounge: an online community dedicated to helping photographers master their photography, become inspired and connect with other passionate, creative people. Brent grew up in Africa, lived in Colorado and now runs a successful portrait photography studio close to the beach in Australia.