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7 Steps to Streamline your Bird Photography Workflow

Our resident bird expert Gaurav Mittal gives us some pointers for coming up with a streamlined bird photography workflow.
August 3, 2020/by Gaurav Mittal
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Indispensable Bird Photography Tips for achieving Sharp Focus

Discover the best focus modes and settings to achieve sharp focus when photographing birds in flight with these indispensable bird photography tips.
February 28, 2020/by Gaurav Mittal
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A Beginners Guide for Photographing Birds in Flight

Gaurav Mittal provides in depth beginner bird photography tips to overcome the extreme challenges of photographing birds in flight.
February 7, 2020/by Gaurav Mittal
Wildlife Photography by Gaurav Mittal

Evoking Emotion & Feeling with Wildlife Photography

Pro photographer Gaurav Mittal shows you how one goes about capturing feelings & emotions with wildlife photography using variety of techniques.
July 26, 2019/by Gaurav Mittal
Cover for Wildlife Photography blog article about composition by Gaurav Mittal

Wildlife Photography Composition Tips for Creating Impact

Pro photographer Gaurav Mittal gives wildlife photography composition tips to make your subject stand out and to create impact with your photos.
July 12, 2019/by Gaurav Mittal
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Essential Bird Photography Gear for Every Occasion

Gaurav Mittal shares with us essential tools for bird photography that will allow you to capture stunning photos no matter what mother nature throws at you.
May 22, 2019/by Gaurav Mittal

Being Creative with your Wildlife Photography

Being creative with your wildlife photography can result in some unique photos. Gaurav Mittal is here to get you started.
June 8, 2018/by Gaurav Mittal
Canon 7D Mark II, 1/80sec, f/8.0, ISO 800 Green Bee-eater

How to Pursue Outdoor Photography with a Disability

When Gaurav Mittal tells us how he was able to overcome debilitating neck pains to pursue outdoor photography.
January 12, 2018/by Gaurav Mittal

How to use Shutter Speed Creatively

Gaurav Mittal presents a compelling arguments on how and why you should be using shutter speed to capture creative images.
October 16, 2017/by Gaurav Mittal

Selective Noise Reduction in Photoshop

Gaurav Mittal Shows you just how to apply noise reduction in Photoshop without loosing any details in birds feather
June 9, 2017/by Gaurav Mittal

Creating Selection for Wildlife Photos

The first step in post processing your wildlife photos the first step is to be able to isolate your subject from its background. Here is how you do it.
April 26, 2017/by Gaurav Mittal

Tips for Photographing at High Altitudes – Part 2

Continued from… Tips for Photographing Birds at High Altitudes…
August 30, 2016/by Gaurav Mittal

Gaurav Mittal is a professional bird photographer and a blogger who grew up with a passion for nature and wildlife in his native birthplace of New Delhi, India. Gaurav migrated to the U.S. at the age of fifteen. After completing his college, he pursued a career in tax consulting in the Washington D.C. area. It was, however the love for the birds that eventually brought the focus back in his life and a determination to follow his heart, to be a bird photographer. Gaurav’s passion for photographing birds began in 2011 in Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico where observing the Sandhill Cranes brought a sense of harmony and a new vision to him. A moment he captured and fondly calls, “Kissed in The Mist” left him with a vision to continue on further and explore and learn about birds and how he can present their beauty through photography. His desire to be a top class bird photographer has led him to places such as Bharatpur, Bosque, Alaska, New York, Costa Rica and Florida.

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