Landscape photography with Belt of Venus, Turret Arch and the La Sal Mountains in Moab, Utah by Grant Collier

Magical Landscape Photography at Twilight Hour

Pro Photographer Grant Collier shares landscape photography tips to capture stunning photos during various stages of twilight hour.
March 29, 2021/by Grant
Cover for Night Photography Blog post by Grant Collier

A Beginners guide for Night Photography

Pro photographer Grant Collier gives us an insight on what kind of equipment, planning and camera settings is needed for night photography.
August 5, 2020/by Grant
Cover for How to pursue Nature Photography close to home blog article by Grant Collier.

How to pursue Nature Photography Close to Home

How can I pursue Nature Photography while staying close to home during this pandemic? Here are few tips from Grant Collier.
July 15, 2020/by Grant
Cover for light in landscape photography blog post by Grant Collier

Effective Landscape Photography Tips for any Light

Pro photographer Grant Collier give us remarkably effective landscape photography tips to capture stunning photos under any lighting conditions.
January 13, 2020/by Grant
Cover for landscape photography business article by Grant Collier

Single most important Landscape Photography Business Tip

Pro photographer Grant Colliers single most important landscape photography business tip is not give away your photos for free!
September 27, 2019/by Grant
Cover for blog post about Time-Lapse photography by Grant Collier

6 Practical Tips for Time-Lapse Photography

Pro photographer Grant Collier shares practical advise on fieldwork to capture stunning time-lapse photography during the day or night.
September 6, 2019/by Grant
Utah Badlands from DJI Mavic Pro and Drone Photography For Landscape Photographers

Drone Photography For Landscape Photographers

Pro photographer Grant Collier talks about both basic and advanced techniques for drone photography to produce some unique landscape photos.
November 20, 2018/by Grant
Cover Image for Breathtaking Landscape Photos with your iPhone Camera Blog Article

Breathtaking Landscape Photos with your iPhone Camera

Professional photographer Grant Collier explains how to take great nature and landscape photos with nothing more than your iPhone camera.
September 10, 2018/by Grant
Nature Photography Example from Gulfoss Falls, Iceland

6 Traits of a Great Nature Photographer

Grant Collier describes the six personality traits that are required to have any hope of becoming a truly great nature photographer.
August 10, 2018/by Grant

3 Skills You Need to Shoot Arches National Park

Grant Collier discusses the skills a nautre photographer needs to capture outstanding images in Arches National Park, Utah.
May 11, 2018/by Grant

How Moonlight Affects Night Photos

Pro photographer Grant Collier shows us how to use moonlight to create breathtaking night photos.
April 20, 2018/by Grant
Total Lunar Eclipse over Canyonlands N.P.

Why Upcoming Lunar Eclipse Presents a Rare Photo Opportunity

Grant Collier explains why upcoming lunar eclipse presents a rare opportunity for landscape photographers.
January 17, 2018/by Grant
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Grant Collier has been working as a professional photographer for over 20 years and has been shooting photos at night for 13 years. He is the author of 12 books and has recently released a book called Collier’s Guide to Night Photography in the Great Outdoors. He has also produced an instructional video called Collier’s Guide to Post-Processing Night Photos.