Cover for nature photography blog about camera modes by Mark Denney

What Camera Modes should Beginners use for Nature Photography?

Mark Denney provides explains how photography exposure and camera modes work together and which camera mode to use for nature photography.
November 5, 2020/by Mark Denney
Cover for blog post about landscape photography locations by Mark Denney

Should you revisit a landscape photography location?

Should you revisit a landscape photography location or explore new unknown places? Here is what Mark Denney has to say.
March 27, 2020/by Mark Denney
Cover Image on Tips to Sharpen Your Photos in Lightroom Blog Post

Tips to Sharpen Your Landscape Photos in Lightroom

Pro photographer Mark Denney gives an overview of different tools available for nature photographer to sharpen their photos in Lightroom.
August 21, 2019/by Mark Denney
Overcoming wide angle lens challenges blog post

Wide Angle Lenses – 5 Challenges to Overcome

Pro photographer Mark Denney shares few challenges to overcome when shooting with wide angle lenses for landscape photography.
March 18, 2019/by Mark Denney

5 Winter photography tips to capture stunning photos

Mark Denney is here to get your started with winter photography that many others landscape photographers likely avoid.
January 28, 2019/by Mark Denney

3 Essential reasons to use Lightroom Range Masks

Lightroom's Range Masks gives you an ability to apply a highly-targeted adjustment so that you can create breathtaking landscape photos.
November 27, 2018/by Mark Denney
What New Camera Should I Purchase Blog Post

What New Camera Should I Purchase for Landscape Photography?

Thinking of purchasing a new camera? Mark Denney shares his thoughts when he begins to ponder whether or not now is the time to make a new camera purchase.
September 26, 2018/by Mark Denney

Hi there! Mark Denney here – I’m a North Carolina based outdoor and landscape photographer. My affection for travel, photography and the great outdoors is something thats matured over the past six years. I’ve always been fascinated with camera technology, but the art of photography was something that escaped me until 2012. This is when I discovered the calming zen like meditation that is landscape photography. I’m a naturally anxious person and photography provided me with a channel to encourage patience and a means to slow down. I’ll never forget the tranquil feeling I experienced during my initial attempt at landscape photography. I remember arriving early to my location, setting up my composition and waiting for the setting sun – this was the moment I began to realize what my passion was. The transition time between setting up my shot and waiting for the “good light” to arrive is still meaningful to me as it creates a captive audience within myself and provides ample time to reflect and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all. Outside of the technical and creative aspect of photography, I enjoy teaching the storytelling ability of photographs and encouraging others to not focus solely on the the end result, but to appreciate the overall photographic experience.

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