Wildlife Photography by Jane Palmer

Finding Your Creative Spark for Nature Photography

Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting out, here are some ideas to find inspiration for nature photography.
March 27, 2023/by Jane Palmer
Landscape photography from Great Smoky Mountains by Jane Palmer

How to pursue Creative Landscape Photography

Take your work from mundane to magical with these highly effective creative landscape photography tips by Jane Palmer.
January 23, 2023/by Jane Palmer
Cover for blog post about bird photography tips by Jane Palmer

10 Practical Bird Photography Tips for Capturing Action

Indispensable bird photography tips to capture some awe inspiring action photos by pro photography Jane Palmer to memorize.
July 30, 2021/by Jane Palmer
Landscape photography with Lensbaby Velvet 56 at Skogafoss, Iceland by Jay Patel

3 Effective Tips for Lensbaby Lenses to capture Stunning Photos

Jane Palmer shares 3 highly effective techniques that will allows you to create breath taking photos with Lensbaby Lenses.
June 14, 2021/by Jane Palmer
HDR landscape photography blog post about exposure bracketing by Jane Palmer

When is exposure bracketing necessary for HDR Photography?

Jane Palmer shows us how histograms in photography can be used to determine if landscape photos need exposure bracketing for HDR Photography.
January 4, 2021/by Jane Palmer
Landscape photography by Bruarfoss, Iceland Jay Patel

How to Use ND Filters for Long Exposure Photography

Pro photographer Jane Palmer tells us how ND Filters can be used to come away with some breathtaking photos using long exposure photography.
September 8, 2020/by Jane Palmer
Cover for Nature Photography blog post about long exposure.

When and How to use Long Exposure Photography

In-depth look at how and when to use long exposure photography to capture stunning landscapes by pro photographer Jane Palmer.
June 15, 2020/by Jane Palmer
Cover for nature photography blog post about shutter speed and aperture by Jane Palmer

How to choose Shutter Speed & Aperture for Nature Photography

Pro photographer Jane Palmer explains how to choose shutter speed and aperture for nature photography to produce desired visual effects.
May 29, 2020/by Jane Palmer

Why is Creative Photography Composition so hard to Master?

Pro photographer Jane Palmer shares challenges that makes creative photography composition difficult to master and how to overcome them.
May 11, 2020/by Jane Palmer
Landscape photography from Great Smoky Mountains by Jane Palmer

Depth & Distractions in Landscape Photography Composition

Pro photographer Jane Palmer tells how to shes make decision on what to include and what NOT to include in her landscape photography composition.
February 5, 2020/by Jane Palmer
Aerial landscape photography using Auto ISO Setting by Jay Patel

When to use Auto ISO Setting for Nature Photography

Professional Photographer Jane Palmer explains when and how to use Auto ISO setting on your camera for Landscape Photography.
November 13, 2019/by Jane Palmer
Landscape Photography blog post about Photoshop Curves adjustment tool by Jane Palmer.

Photoshop Curves Adjustment for Nature Photography

Jane Palmer demonstrates why the Photoshop curves adjustment tool is an integral part of her nature photography post processing workflow.
August 30, 2019/by Jane Palmer
Jane Palmer's Portrait

Jane Palmer divides her time between being a Nurse Anesthetist and a landscape and underwater photographer. A lifelong passion for nature and animals led her to spend more time outdoors with her camera, observing animal behavior and photographing them in action. She has been an avid underwater photographer for 10 years and recently began teaching photography. She often leads dive trips to exotic locations and assists divers who want to learn more about underwater photography. Jane currently lives in St. Louis MO with her husband, who loves scuba diving as well. Jane’s strong background in Lightroom and Photoshop allows her to help her underwater students get the most out of their images. So whether she is hiking in the Smokies or scuba diving in the Philippines, you can be sure Jane has her camera in hand to capture the beauty that nature provides for us.

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