Cover for Landscape photography blog article about what is in Peter Coskun's camera bag.

What’s in Peter Coskun’s camera bag?

Professional landscape photographer Peter Coskun explains the essential camera gear and other items he has in his camera bag.
March 3, 2022/by Peter Coskun
Landscape photography by Peter Coskun

Landscape Photography Tips for finding Creativity and Inspiration

Here are few practical landscape photography tips to keep you inspired and creative from pro photographer Peter Coskun.
December 14, 2021/by Peter Coskun
Cover photo for landscape photography blog article about autofocus and manual focus modes by Peter Coskun.

Understanding Focus Modes for Nature Photography

Confused about when to use autofocus or manual focus mode? Peter Coskun walks us through situations when one focus setting is better than other.
April 5, 2021/by Peter Coskun
Landscape photography from Zabriskie Point Sunrise, Death Valley National Park, California by Peter Coskun

How to choose a Perfect Camera Lens for Landscape Photography

How does on go about purchasing a perfect perfect camera lens for landscape photography? Here are some suggestions form Peter Coskun.
December 17, 2020/by Peter Coskun
Landscape photography using live view mode from Zion Narrows by Peter Coskun

5 Compelling Reasons to use your Camera’s Live View Mode

Peter Coskun offers compelling reasons why nature photographers should be using your camera's live view mode when taking photos.
September 28, 2020/by Peter Coskun
Cover for Nature Photography blog post about using human elements by Peter Coskun

Nature Photography Composition Tips to include Human Elements

How can I use human elements to create impact? Here are some easy to follow nature photography composition tips from Peter Coskun to get you started.
June 17, 2020/by Peter Coskun
Cover for iconic landscape photography location blog post by Peter Coskun.

Should you go after Iconic Landscape Photography Locations?

Should you go after iconic landscape photography locations? or explore the less familiar ones? Here is what Peter Coskun has to say about this.
May 15, 2020/by Peter Coskun
Cover for lightning photography article by Peter Coskun

Essential Tips for Lightning Photography

Here are few lightning photography tips from pro landscape photographer Peter Coskun to help you capture breathtaking photos during a storm.
April 1, 2020/by Peter Coskun
Cover for light in landscape photography blog post by Peter Coskun

Different Types of Light in Landscape Photography

Here are few lessons from Peter Coskun to help you capture different types of light in landscape photography to create stunning images.
February 17, 2020/by Peter Coskun
Cover Image on Why Landscape Photographers Should Pursue Intimate Scenes Blog Post by Peter Coskun

Why Landscape Photographers Should Pursue Intimate Scenes

Peter Coskun tells us how landscape photographers can capture outstanding creative photos by pursuing intimate scenes in nature.
December 13, 2019/by Peter Coskun
Cover photo of Nature Photography article by Peter Coskun

Nature Photography – Planning your Summer Photo Trip

When planning a summer photography trip, let professional photographer Peter Coskun guide you on choosing the best nature photography location for you.
June 12, 2019/by Peter Coskun
Cover Image for Weather Forecasting for Awesome Landscape Photography blog post

Weather Forecasting for Awesome Landscape Photography

Peter Coskun show us how to plan your next landscape photography shoot by looking at weather reports through various sites and applications.
April 10, 2019/by Peter Coskun
Peter Coskun's Portrait

I am a professional photographer based out of the Sonoran desert of Arizona. I’ve been fortunate to explore and wander the southwest for the majority of my life. Having grown up in the suburbs of Philadelphia as a child, I wasn’t quite familiar with the outdoors or nature for that matter. Aside from flipping through Nat Geo magazines during class, I wasn’t sure if any of this stuff actually existed. After moving across the country to the desert I soon found myself exploring the desert landscape. I became fascinated by the flora and fauna as well as seeing the rugged mountains for the first time. Soon enough, I picked up a camera and began to document my explorations. I began to look at the scenery in a different way, studying how the light and weather worked with the landscape. It became more and more enjoyable for me, and one day someone asked to purchase a print. As they say, the rest is history right? I’ve been fortunate to have my work printed in such publications as Arizona Highways Magazine and Digital Photo Mag UK as well as many online publications.

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