Cover for Landscape Photography blog post about camera bags by Lace Andersen.

Essential Camera Bag features for Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Lace Andersen shares some invaluable tips for selecting the right camera bag for landscape photography.
September 20, 2019/by Lace Andersen
Cover for landscape photography blog article about social media by Lace Andersen

Does Social Media Control Your Landscape Photography?

Pro photographer Lace Andersen shares her thoughts on how playing the game to win likes and shares on social media drives landscape photography.
July 1, 2019/by Lace Andersen
Tree Photography by Lace Andersen

3 Highly effective tips for creative Tree Photography

Lace Andersen shares highly effective composition tips for Tree Photography that will allow you to capture breath taking photos.
April 5, 2019/by Lace Andersen

When to convert to Black and White

Lace Andersen provides some tips in determining which scenes and subjects may work well for black and white nature photography.
January 25, 2019/by Lace Andersen

Top 3 landscape photography mistakes to avoid

Pro photographer Lace Andersen shares some of the common landscape photography mistakes that you should avoid to save time and money.
December 19, 2018/by Lace Andersen

When Should a Landscape Photographer Go Pro?

Here is what Lace Andersen's has to say about landscape photographers quitting a full time job to focus on their photography.
September 7, 2018/by Lace Andersen

When landscape photographers face a challenging situation

Landscape photographer Lace Andersen shares her ideas about how to deal with a challenging situations.
May 24, 2018/by Lace Andersen

Understanding White Balance in Photography

Lace Andersen gives you an very detail look at the concept of White Balance in photography.
April 4, 2018/by Lace Andersen

All About Beach Photography

Kauai based photographer Lace Anderson shares highly effective ideas about beach photography.
February 9, 2018/by Lace Andersen

Other Items in my Camera Bag

Besides cameras and lenses here is some of the random items that lives in Lace Andersen camera bag.
December 11, 2017/by Lace Andersen

5 Rarely Used Camera Settings

Lace Andersen talks about 5 rarely used camera settings and how you can effectively use them to capture stunning photos.
September 20, 2017/by Lace Andersen

Should Photographers Share Their Locations?

Lace Andersen tries to address the question that many landscape photographers struggle with: Should I share the location of my photos?
July 12, 2017/by Lace Andersen
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Lace Andersen is a Kauai-based landscape photographer. She grew up in the farm town of Templeton, California and majored in Graphic Communications. She started taking basic photography classes in 2008, and discovered her passion to create and be outdoors. The major turning point in her life was April 2012 during a family vacation to Kauai. She decided to rent her own car and spend the entire week photographing the island from sunrise to sunset. It was a life changing experience. Kauai either accepts you or spits you back out. Lace was lucky to be accepted by the island and relocated immediately. She has built an award winning portfolio over the past five years and has been published numerous times. When she doesn’t have a camera in hand, you can find her hiking with friends, camping, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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