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Anna Bay, Australia

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What’s Included?

  • Instant Access to the downloadable video files.
  • 10 teaching videos for photographers who want accurate focus every time.
  • Over 55 minutes of video content – most of it shot right there in the field as we were working.
  • Case Studies: Focus Tracking, Focus Stacking
  • Post Processing Workflow for Focus Stacking Case Study
  • Workshop-style lessons taught right in the field.

What You’ll Learn:

In a series of easy-to-understand, bite-sized lessons, you’ll learn how to handle difficult focusing situations, and how to get creative with focus, too!

 You’ll learn the best practices and camera settings for getting your focus just right, every time.

 You’ll learn about mirror lockup and timed delay, live view and zooming in to focus, auto and manual focusing options… and so much more.

 We’ll show you how to use live view for focus stacking – and we’ll walk you through our post processing workflow, too.

You’ll learn how to focus on subjects in motion – whether they are moving predictably or erratically.

You’ll learn from on-location case studies and in-depth explanations of our thought-processes… right there in the field as we work.


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Visual Wilderness offers outstanding Educational Products quite different from what is on offer in the landscape photography market.
Luciana London, England

What People are Saying

“I have learned so much…approaches, concepts, ideas, I’ll be thinking about them for the rest of my life!” – Simon

“They speak anyone’s language – from amateur to professional.” – Heather

“They’ve exceeded my expectations…have given me useful tips and techniques.” – Andree

In Sharp Focus…Every Time!

With In Sharp Focus, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create sharply focused image… every time. Here are a few of the important concepts we cover in this course.

  • Focus MacroManual and Auto focus techniques for capturing sharp photos in real situations
  • Focus StackingSimple Liveview method for Focus Stacking
  • Focus Stacking PPPost-processing workflow for Focus Stacking
  • Cannibal Bay, New ZealandCapturing wildlife and other moving subjects with Focus Tracking
  • Focus StrategyHelpful tips and tricks for a wide variety of focusing situations
  • Focus CreativeIdeas and techniques for Creative Focus

Varina is an exceptional teacher (I’ve experienced hundreds over the years and she is among the very best, if not at the top). These case studies are an exceptional complement to the fieldwork teachings where both Varina and Jay excel with their skills and explanations. The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course is a MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE for anyone wanting to get into or improve their skills in this field.
Ron BritManitoba, Canada

GuaranteeGold100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days

We are so sure you are going to love this course. Try out The In Sharp Focus Course for 30 days, and if you are not totally happy with the product, we will refund your purchase price – no hassle. There is no risk to you.

Learn how to handle difficult focusing situations… discover the best practices and camera settings for sharp focus… and find out how you can get creative with focus, too!
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