Photo Stacking for Night Photography

By Joshua Snow

Start-to-Finish Photo Stacking technique for night photography to create stunning noise free images.



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  • Compatible with: Photoshop CC or above | (Photoshop CC 2018 used for Video)
  • Starry Skies Software: Starry landscape Stacker for Mac Version 1.6.4 or above | (Version 1.6.4 used for Video)

What You’ll Learn

  • Discover how to create stunning noise free night photos using multiple photos stacked together.
  • Find out what camera settings and equipment to use for capturing night photos with superb sharpness and exquisite details.
  • Learn to post process RAW files of night photos to bring maximize the details, contrast and colors in your night photos.
  • Develop seamless photo stacking workflow between Photoshop & Starry Landscape Stacker for night photography.
  • In depth explanation of advance post processing technique using real life case studies.

Photoshop Tutorial: Photo Stacking for Night Photography

Stacking for noise reduction is an incredible technique for taking your night photos to the next level. The technique requires a little more work in field and in post, but the results are truly unmatched. If you want to printer of your work, nothing else allowed you to create better noise free night photography images. In this tutorial you discover everything you need to know about creating incredible high resolution fine art night photography prints: From field work for capturing multiple photos to stacking them together for noise reduction.

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