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What’s Included?

  • Instant Lifetime Access to downloadable video files.
  • 27 teaching videos for photographers who want to learn about using Histograms to set their exposure,
  • Easy to Follow Adobe Camera RAW Tutorials presented by professional photographer Josh Cripps.
  • More than 2.5 Hours of video content – in-depth explanations, examples, workflow, and case studies.
  • Workshop-style lessons taught by professional in the field.
  • Case Studies: shooting waterfalls, using a graduated neutral density filter, choosing the right shutter speed, exposing for a night scene, and more!
  • Special post processing walk-through for Cases Studies from Varina and Jay Patel’s Histograms Exposed course.

What You’ll Learn:

 Discover the power of the histogram on your camera – it can tell you so much more than you think.

 We’ll share our simple, 4-step workflow so you can streamline your fieldwork and get your exposure just right every time.

 We’ll show you how to interpret what your histogram is telling you about exposure, contrast, dynamic range, and color.

 You’ll have access to step-by-step case studies that allow you to watch as we use our histograms to create real photographs in the field.

 Learn how to use White Balance, Exposure, Contrast, and other global adjustments in Adobe Camera RAW to bring out the best in your photographs.

 Find out how to use Camera RAW’s powerful tone curve and HSL adjustments to make the most of vibrant colors and rich textures in your work.

 Discover how the pros use the Lens Correction tool to eliminate chromatic aberrations so you can produce fine art prints that look fantastic down to the smallest details.

 Find out how to fine-tune your images using Graduated Filters and Adjustment Brushes.

This is great! Been wanting to understand and apply Hyperfocal Distance in my photography.
Elizabeth DizonManila, Philippines

The Basic Collection: Histograms Exposed

Here are a few of the important concepts we cover in this course.

Type of Histograms

How to use the Histogram controls on the back of your camera

Histograms - Exposure

Understand the relationship between Histograms, Contrast, & Exposure

Histograms - Macro

How to manually select ISO, Shutter Speed, & Aperture

7U9A8191_Dark Sky-small

How to get the right exposure for night photos

Histograms - Flowing Water

How to choose your shutter speed when shooting flowing water

Bin El Ouidine, Morocco

How to balance your exposure with a GND filter

A Complete Guide to Adobe Camera RAW

Here are a few of the important concepts Joshua covers in this course.

ACR - Smart Objects

Non-destructive editing workflow using smart objects

ACR - HSL Image

Powerful Tone Curve and HSL adjustments

ACR - GND Filter Image

Fine Tune your photos using Grad Filter and Adjustment Brushes

Varina is an exceptional teacher (I’ve experienced hundreds over the years and she is among the very best, if not at the top). These case studies are an exceptional complement to the fieldwork teachings where both Varina and Jay excel with their skills and explanations. The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course is a MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE for anyone wanting to get into or improve their skills in this field.
Ron BritManitoba, Canada

No more guesswork… no more hoping for the best… no more poorly exposed photographs. It’s time to take control of your camera with Histograms Exposed.

Price: $49

(Reg. Price: $98, 50% Off)