Crystal Creek, Colorado (CO), USA

Can a Photoshopped image match reality?

With the help of Photoshop, I am often able to create a photo that is much closer to reality than straight out of camera photos.
Cracked Eggs - Varina Patel

Simplifying a Cluttered Composition

When there are so many cool elements happening at once, how do you compose a simple, focused shot and steer clear of distractions?
Transient Light, Glacier National Park, MT

How much time do you spend in Photoshop?

Some photos require just a moment or two in Photoshop, while others requires more time. On average, I spend between 5-15 minutes per photo.
Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, WA

Mediocre Skills or Being Artistic?

We often here the explanation that it is an ‘Artistic photo” – Do photographers disguise their mediocre photography skills as “artistic”?