Glen Eilt, Scotland

What Happens When We Shoot Side-by-Side?

There's nothing better than having someone to travel with - especially if that person is also your best friend. It's always fascinating to compare our photos from a trip.
Redwood National Forest, California, USA

Selling From the Heart

As photographers we all have our favorite fine art prints displaying our own unique artistic styles but do they always sell?
Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania (PA), USA

Photography Workflow: Lovers

Sometimes, photos that seem incredibly simple at first glance are actually more complicated than you'd think.
Papa Bay, Miloli'i - Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

Are We Still Debating This?

I'll be honest with you... I actually thought the RAW versus JPG debate was over. But apparently, it's not.
Waiting - Varina Patel

Dramatic Monochrome

It was a lot of fun to go through my portfolio in search of photographs that would work well in Black and White.