RAW Assignment

VW13 - RAW Processing Assignment Critique

In this episode of Visual Wilderness, we talk about the results of the May assignment were varied and creative! In this episode of Visual Wilderness, we talk about the RAW assignment.

Lightroom - Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to improve your Lightroom Workflow? Here are some of the most useful Lightroom keyboard shortcuts.
Behind the Lens Course

Behind the Lens Course - Pre Release Annoucement

Learn how to approach a scene and how to navigate the range of options available to you in order to produce a finished image that matches your artistic vision.
Jon Cornforth

VW12 - Interview Jon Cornforth

Jon Cornforth joins the Visual Wilderness team to talk about his work and give some insights on how he goes about capturing his stunning images.
Loosing your grip on camera gear

Losing a grip on your photo gear

When you’re focused on getting that PERFECT shot, there may be consequences to your preoccupation.

VW11 - A Portfolio that Sells: Part 1

In Visual Wilderness episode #11, we talk with Ugo Cei about building a commercial portfolio and finding potential clients.
Torres Del Paine National Park Sunrise, Chile

The End of the World, Patagonia

Take a journey to the end of the world, where landscapes are both violent and beautiful at the same time. Patagonia, a place truly out of this world.
Cascade Ponds, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Why Not Challenge Yourself?

We often find that creativity is much harder to learn then technical skills. So the questions is - How do you learn creativity?

Free eBook: Visionary Insight

We have just released a new FREE eBook called Visionary Insights in collaboration with 8 other photographers.

Know your Target Audience

Start by taking a look at what you're selling - and then think about who is most likely to buy it.
Quick Tip Macro

A Leg Up on Macro Photography

Have you ever tried to compose a photo with a tiny subject through a macro lens? Here is how we do it.
vw Details Critique

VW10 - Details Assignment Critique

In this episode, we critique the April 2014 "Details" Assignment, and talk about general guidelines for critique.