Catlins, New Zeland

Photographing in Fog... It's a good thing!

Instead of running away from dreary weather and fog, embrace it. This article describes exactly how you can utilise these conditions to your advantage.
Snake River Winter, Grand Tetons

My Favorite Camera Settings and Why I Use Them

Professional photographer Chip Phillips shares with us some of his favorite camera settings...and why he uses them.
Good Reflection

Common Post Processing Mistakes to Avoid

Ryan Dyar gives some insight into how to avoid post processing mistakes that are made too often.
Images from around Fairbanks and Mt Aurora Skiland

Choosing a Location to Photograph Aurora Borealis

Kevin McNeal list some of the factors that have helped him choose locations to photograph Aurora Borealis.
Social Media Photographer

5 Stages of a Social Media Photographer

Social Media photographer is born when your mom or your friends tell you that you have an eye for photography.
fiji_9858 copy

8 Tips for Better Beach Photography

Shooting at the Beach - Tips for great Beach Photography.

Create Your Own Brush Preset in Photoshop

Denise Ippolito show us how to create your own brush preset in Photoshop....and it is easier than you think.
Emerald Cove

Five More Tips for Beginner Nature Photographers

Candace Dyar gives 5 more tips for nature photographer who are just getting started.
Turtle, Big Island, Hawaii

How to Photograph a Diverse Terrain

Pro Photographer CJ Kale shares his tips for photographing diverse terrain found on Big Island of Hawaii.
Milky Way over Utah

Creating Panoramas of Night Photos

One of the best solutions for making large fine art prints of night photos is to create panoramas.
Pnther Creek Falls, Washington (WA), USA

Photography Business - Two Years Later

In our second full year in the photography business we spent more time fine-tuning our business model.

Is it Better to Photograph Nature Alone?

Is it best to pursue nature photography on your own? After all being in nature can be great for contemplation, peace, & quiet.