How to Use Your Camera's Focus Settings

Professional Photography Jay Patel discusses how to different focus settings on your camera to capture diverse subject matter in nature.
Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming (WY), USA

Getting It Right In Camera

Pro photographer Jay Patel explains how to approach landscape photography for Getting it Right in Camera.
A dramatic change in the appearance of this landscape literally overnight.

Returning to a Photograph a Location

Peter Coskun explains why it is important to return to photograph a location more than once.

Female Landscape Photographers - Being Respected

Female landscape photographer have to fight harder then their male counter parts at being respected. Here is what to do about it.
iceland_2191c copy

Female Landscape Photographers - Chasing Credibility

Are you are looking for credibility as a female landscape photographer? If so here are few ideas.
Proxy Falls is Located along the McKenzie Pass Highway in Lane County, Oregon.

Female Landscape Photographers - Looking for Equal Opportunity

Continued from Female Landscape Photographers - Dealing with…
Everglades, Florida

Female Landscape Photographers - Dealing with Safety

How do Female Landscape photographers on Visual Wilderness deal with the safety issues they face?
Do & Don't of Lightweight Tripods

Female Landscape Photographers - Managing Equipment

Here is how talented Female Landscape photographers on Visual Wilderness deal with the challenges they face.
Senja, Norway

How to Create Panorama using Adobe Lightroom

Ugo Cei shows us how to create a 60MP panorama in Lightroom in matter of minutes.
Sunset Beach, Mana Island, Fiji

VW Contest - Dramatic Light in Nature

One of the best things you can do to improve your photography…
Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

Photographing During the Golden Hours

Jay Patel discusses how to make the most of photographing landscapes during the golden hours, depending on your orientation to the sun.