Other Items in my Camera Bag

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A ton of random items mostly used for photography live in my camera bag. While I was cleaning out my bag after a two week trip through the desert, I decided I’d share some information on these random items (aside from my camera, lens, and tripod).


B+W circular polarizers (used in the following photo) – I usually leave these on all my lens at all times. I rarely take them off. They remove glare from the majority of surfaces.

B+W solid neutral density 1.8 filter (6 Stop) – For fun long exposure images. Something different to play with.

Cokin P Series Soft Edge graduated neutral density filter – This one is old and scratched and I really should throw it away. It is not the best quality filter. Think I bought it for $30 when I first started photography and it has a strange color cast to it. I haven’t used it in forever.

Remote Cable Release – For long exposure techniques or for when I don’t want any camera shake from pushing the shutter button (used for the image below).

Giottos Rocket Blaster dust-removal tool – Medium hand Blower. This is one of my favorite cleaning tools. I use it to blow off any tiny particles of dust, dirt, sand, hair, from my lens. I also use it to clean around the buttons on my camera as I get a lot of sand in weird places.


Lens cloths (micro-fiber) – There are a ton of them shoved in all parts of my bag. Probably too many, but I use them a bunch. I toss them in the dirty laundry after I use them.

Headlamp – My headlamp has three settings: red light, low light, high light. If you are out shooting a sunrise or sunset, you need one because walking back to the car in the dark using your cell phone as a light can be difficult. It’s easier to be hands-free with a headlamp. The red light mode is great, as bugs aren’t attracted to it as much and it doesn’t blind or annoy other people around you.

AAA batteries – For the headlamp, as they run out quickly.

Emergency lighter – You never know when you will need it.

Raincoat – My light raincoat is stuffed into the front of my camera bag. It ALWAYS rains right before sunset in Hawaii, so it gets used a bunch. I sometimes toss it over my camera and lens during a downpour (used during the above image).

Emergency space blanket – Once upon a time, I got stuck in a flash flood. After about an hour of standing in the jungle getting rained on, I started turning blue and shivering like crazy. My entire body was sore from head to toe for a week from all the shivering and lactic acid buildup. I now carry one of these shiny blankets with me at all times. They weigh nothing and take up little space.

Emergency snacks – I have a bunch of power bars in the front of my camera bag. You may get stuck someplace, or decide to stay someplace extra late. Nothing is worse than being hungry and getting irritated from lack of food.

Memory cards, battery charger, extra battery for camera – I carry these necessary items with me all the time. I can plug my camera battery charger into my vehicle if necessary. I forgot to charge my main battery for the boat ride in the image above. Good thing I had an extra!

Do you have any interesting odds and ends in your camera bag? Tell me about them in the comments below.

About Author Lace Andersen

Lace Andersen is a Kauai-based landscape photographer. She grew up in the farm town of Templeton, California and majored in Graphic Communications. She started taking basic photography classes in 2008, and discovered her passion to create and be outdoors. The major turning point in her life was April 2012 during a family vacation to Kauai. She decided to rent her own car and spend the entire week photographing the island from sunrise to sunset. It was a life changing experience. Kauai either accepts you or spits you back out. Lace was lucky to be accepted by the island and relocated immediately. She has built an award winning portfolio over the past four years and has been published numerous times. When she doesn’t have a camera in hand, you can find her hiking with friends, camping, and playing ultimate frisbee.