Photographing Namibia's Deadvlei

Denise Ippolito share her experience and knowledge about photographing Namibia's Deadvlei
Orange Flower with Dandelion Seed

Inexpensive Macro Gear Alternatives

Lace Andersen gives us two inexpensive Macro Gear alternatives to get you started with close-up photography.
macro photo of orange lily stamen

What's a Focal Plane and Why Should I Care?

The focal plane tells which elements are important, and which aren't. A well chosen focal plane creates impact, a poorly chosen one introduces confusion.
Canola and wheat fields merge to highlight a shaded barn on a beautiful day in the Palouse, Washington.

Don’t Dismiss Daylight Hours for Taking Great Photos

Patricia Davidson gives us some great advise on how to take great photos during those dreaded daylight hours.
hawaii17_00423-3 copy

Photographing Flowing Lava in Hawaii

Varina Patel has fallen in love with the Big Island of Hawaii. Here's what she recommends for photographing flowing lava.
A brief window of light over the grand canyon after a clearing winter storm.

An Intro to Camera's Metering Modes

Metering modes - What is it and why it is important to understand how they work even if you may not always use them.
Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Full Frame or Crop Factor Camera?

"I need a full frame camera because it is better than a crop factor camera." Right? Here is our take on it.
Do & Don't of Lightweight Tripods

What do you wear for cold weather photography?

What do you wear for cold weather photography when you kn ow you’ll be spending part of the time standing in cold water?
Hawaii Surf Waves

Photographing Pounding Surf

Pro Photograph Nick Selway shows you how to create stunning abstract by photographing pounding surf on a beach.
Pioneer Basin, California

Photographing Reflections: More Than Meets the Eye

Photographing reflections often creates images that look "Photo-shopped" or "Fake". Here is why.

Photographing Birds in Flight in Snow

Denise Ippolito gives us an in depth look at how she goes about photographing birds in snowy weather.
narrows panoramic copy

4 Reasons to use your Camera's Liveview

Peter Coskun offers compelling reasons why you should be using your camera's liveview when taking landscape photos.