Cover photo for fall photography blog by Charlotte Gibb.

Essential ideals for Better Fall Photography

Fall photography tips to overcome technical challenges and avoid some common mistakes from pro photographer Charlotte Gibb.
October 9, 2021/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for handheld landscape photography blogs post by Charlotte Gibb

Handheld Landscape Photography Tips to capture Stunning Photos

Sharp landscape photography without a tripod? Charlotte Gibb has 7 tips that will improve your chances of getting a great shot handheld.
July 2, 2020/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for landscape photography blog post about shutter speed by Charlotte Gibb.

When should Landscape Photographers use Fast Shutter Speed

Pro Charlotte Gibb offers several scenarios where landscape photographers can come away with stunning photos by using fast shutter speed.
January 8, 2020/by Charlotte Gibb
Storm in Canadian Rockies by landscape photographer Charlotte Gibb

Why Landscape Photographers Should Expose To The Right

Can the simple change of expose to the right improve your images? Here is what pro landscape photographer Charlotte Gibb has to say about it.
December 4, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Landscape Photography Blog Post on Invoking Emotion by Charlotte Gibb

How to make your Landscape Photography emotionally engaging

Professional landscape and nature photographer Charlotte Gibb shares practical ideas for creating emotionally engaging landscape photography images.
October 25, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for Lightroom tips about Nature Photography by Charlotte Gibbtte Gibb

3 Invaluable Lightroom Tips for Nature Photography

Pro photographer Charlotte Gibb shares high effective Lightroom Tips to streamlining post processing for Nature Photography.
August 5, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for travel photography blog about choosing the right camera by Charlotte Gibb

How to choose the right camera for Travel Photography

Pro photographer Charlotte Gibb offers some great tips about how do you choose a camera for travel photography that's just right for you.
June 28, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for landscape photography article about post processing by Charlotte Gibb.

4 Effortless Post Processing Tips for Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Charlotte Gibb shares her high effective go to post-processing adjustments to take your landscape photography to the next level.
June 17, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for landscape photography blog post about colors by Charlotte Gibb

Emotional Impact of Color in Landscape Photography

Charlotte Gibb takes an in-depth look at how to use the color in landscape photography to create an emotional impact with her stunning images.
April 12, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Intimate Landscape photography by Charlotte Gibb

Six simple tools for better intimate landscape photography

Unlike the grand vistas, which dazzles us with dramatic near-far views, the intimate landscape photography seduces us to explore a deeper.
February 21, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb

5 Highly effective ideas for Photographing Trees

Photographing trees or grove of trees that communicates its essence can be a challenge. Here are few tips from Charlotte Hamilton Gibb.
December 7, 2018/by Charlotte Gibb
How to Prepare for a Successful Photography Fine Art Exhibit Blog Post

How to Prepare for a Successful Photography Fine Art Exhibit

Professional landscape photographer Charlotte Gibb shares some ideas for a successful Photography Fine Art Exhibit.
August 13, 2018/by Charlotte Gibb

Charlotte Gibb is a landscape and nature photographer based in California with a keen eye toward the subtle and sometimes overlooked beauty of the natural world. She earned her BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, writes and publishes on the subject of photography, and has exhibited her work in galleries throughout California.  “I love to help others discover their inner artist through creative living!”

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