Landscape photography using super slow shutter speed with 10-Stop ND Filter by Chrissy Donadi

Slow Shutter Speed Landscape Photography for Beginners

Slow shutter speed offers a wide range of artistic expression for landscape photography. To help get started, here are a few easy beginner tips from Chrissy Donadi.
May 15, 2019/by Chrissy Donadi

5 Indispensable Winter Photography Tips

Winter photography can be detrimental to your gear.  Follow these 5 indispensable cold weather photography tips to protect your gear in extreme cold.
November 12, 2018/by Chrissy Donadi

3 Simple Post Processing Tips for Fall Photography

Here are a few simple color post processing tips to make your colors realistically pop in fall photography.
September 17, 2018/by Chrissy Donadi
Landscape Photography Article on Photography Filters by Chrissy Donadi

3 Indispensable Photographic Filters for Nature Photographers

These photographic filters should be on your list the essential shooting gear for landscape photography. Chrissy Donadi explains why.
July 9, 2018/by Chrissy Donadi

6 Ridiculously Simple Tricks for Sunrise Photography

Chrissy Donadi's advice is to take a chance and follow these 6 ridiculously simply tricks to make the most out of your sunrise photography.
May 14, 2018/by Chrissy Donadi

3 Essential Reasons to Use Photoshop’s Smart Objects

Chrissy Donadi lays out the case for why you should be using Photoshop's Smart Objects in your post processing workflow.
March 7, 2018/by Chrissy Donadi

5 Common Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. Improve your photography by avoiding these 5 beginner photography mistakes when in the field.
February 14, 2018/by Chrissy Donadi

5 Essential Ideas for Mastering Water Photography

Christina Donadi share 5 essential lessons that will help take your water photography to the next level.
January 10, 2018/by Chrissy Donadi

Top 5 Tips for Mountain Photography

Mountain landscape photography has challenges. Follow these 5 steps to improve your alpine images without having to move mountains for the best results.
October 4, 2017/by Chrissy Donadi
Landscape Photography Article on Photography Filters by Chrissy Donadi

ND Filters: Never Lose to Light Leak

Christina Donadi explains how and why it is important prevent light leaks when using ND Filters.
August 11, 2017/by Chrissy Donadi

5 Tips When Purchasing Your Next Lens

Christina Donadi gives some very practical advise including what pitfalls to avoid when purchasing your next lens.
April 17, 2017/by Chrissy Donadi

I’m a travel, nature and landscape photographer originally from the beautiful Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. After working for several years in the engineering world, I found photography. Now, my life is a constant back and forth between spending time at home with my family and Bernese Mountain dog and traveling the globe doing what I love, capturing moments in time that exemplify the beauty of this amazing world.

I believe in continuous improvement and forcing yourself outside of your comfort zone. So I hope that you’ll follow me on my adventures and allow me to share some of the lessons I learn along the way. Safe travels and happy explorations!

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