How to Refine Your Composition in the Field

Professional nature photographer Sarah Marino shares some simple tips for refining your photography compositions while in the field.
May 9, 2018/by Sarah Marino
Fall Photography Blog Post by Landscape Photographer Sarah Marino

Fall Photography – 6 Tips for Capturing Color This Season

6 Useful Steps to Improving Your Fall Photography and Capturing the Colors of Autumn from Landscape Photographer Sarah Marino.
March 9, 2018/by Sarah Marino
Badlands in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

7 Tips for Photographing Desert Landscapes

Seven Tips for Nature Photography in Desert Landscapes, Including Death Valley National Park, the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, and the Great Basin.
November 17, 2017/by Sarah Marino
Cover for creative macro photography blog post by Sarah Marino.

Top 5 Creativity Macro Photography Tips

Pro photographer Sarah Marino shares her tips for getting started with macro photography and being creative with nature's smallest scenes.
September 27, 2017/by Sarah Marino

Planning your next Landscape Photography Trip

Invaluable tips by Sarah Marino to read before you start out on your next landscape photography trip.
May 15, 2017/by Sarah Marino
Cover for beginner landscape photography blog post by Sarah Marino

Landscape Photography Trip Planning Guide for Beginners

Pro photographer Sarah Marino shares her knowledge about how beginners can plan their next landscape photography adventure to capture the photos they always dream about. 
March 30, 2017/by Sarah Marino
Narrow Depth of Field Landscape Photography Blog Post by Sarah Marino

Getting Started with Narrow Depth of Field Photography

Learn how to get started with narrow depth of field photography, a technique to take your photos of subjects in nature into a new realm of creativity.
January 25, 2017/by Sarah Marino
Aspen trees in California's Eastern Sierra. Photo by Sarah Marino.

My Four Favorite Landscape Photography Accessories

Sarah Marino shares why shes does not leave home without these 4 landscape photography accessories.
October 17, 2016/by Sarah Marino
Cover for creative landscape photography blog article by Sarah Marino

5 Effective Ideas for Creative Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Sarah Marino shares 5 simple steps to pursue creative landscape photography using practice, fieldwork, and and new habits.
August 29, 2016/by Sarah Marino
Landscape photography from Death Valley National Park by Sarah Marino

Landscape Photography Compositions Tips for a Wide Angle Lens

Sarah Marino shares some highly effective ideas to improve your landscape photography composition when shooting with a wide angle lens.
June 13, 2016/by Sarah Marino
Landscape Photography from Great Sand Dunes by Sarah Marino

7 Essential Telephoto Lens Tips for Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Sarah Marino explains how to effectively use your telephoto lens to capture breath taking landscape photos.
April 2, 2016/by Sarah Marino

6 Tips for Scouting Landscape Photography Locations

Here are few tips about scouting locations for landscape photography that have helped Sarah Marino improve here photographs.
February 24, 2016/by Sarah Marino
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Sarah Marino is a landscape and nature photographer from Colorado who is currently traveling full-time in an Airstream trailer with her fellow photographer husband, Ron Coscorrosa, and their two cats. Sarah strives to capture photographs that convey the elegance, beauty, and the awe-inspiring qualities of the landscapes she explores during her travels. In addition to grand landscapes, Sarah’s portfolio also includes a diverse range of smaller subjects including plants, trees, and abstract natural subjects.

Sarah has published a variety of educational materials for landscape and nature photographers. These ebooks and video tutorials include:

You can view more of Sarah’s photos, educational resources for nature photographers, and travel stories on her website.