Cover for travel photography blog article about color correction in Lightroom by Ugo Cei.

Travel Photography: How to correct colors in Lightroom

Travel photography expert Ugo Cei explains how to create natural looking photos with correct colors using Lightroom.
October 18, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Cover for landscape photography myth blog post by Jay Patel

6 Landscape photography myths that beginners should ignore

Pro photographer Ugo Cei highlights some false norms about landscape photography and help focus your attention on things that matter.
August 11, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Cover photo for Landscape Photography blog post by Ugo Cei about Range Masks in Lightroom

How to use Range Masks in Lightroom

Pro photography Ugo Cei gives an in depth look at how to use Range Masks in Lightroom to take your landscape photography to the next level.
July 22, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Travel photography article cover from Isle of Skye, Scotland by Ugo Cei

Top Travel Photography locations in Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is one of the most sought-after destinations for travel photography. Ugo Cei shares top photo location to visit.
May 24, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Landscape Photography with a wide angle lens, Krka National Park, Croatia by Ugo Cei

5 Strategies to Tame a Wide Angle Lens

Ugo Cei give some great insight on how he goes about taking charge of his wide angle lens to capture stunning landscape and travel photos.
May 3, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Crete Senesi, Tuscany, Italy

Why Nature Photographers should go for Quantity over Quality

Ugo Cei makes a compelling arguments why Nature Photographers should take lots of photos at all times of day.
April 19, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Near Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, Scotland

Travel Photography: What to Do When the Weather Sucks

With the right attitude and a few tricks, you can come away with great travel photos under any type of weather or light condition.
November 14, 2018/by Ugo Cei

What does it take to get awesome travel photos?

According to Ugo Cei capturing awesome travel photos require sacrifice, prowess, and the ability to balance different aspects of your life.
August 1, 2018/by Ugo Cei

What to look for in a Photography Workshop

Planning to go on your next photography workshop? Check out this article by Ugo Cei.
April 6, 2018/by Ugo Cei

Night Photography of Stars with Moonlight

Ugo Cei shows us how to use moonlight can be used to light up the foreground and capture stars for night photography.
February 19, 2018/by Ugo Cei
Copse of cypresses, Val d'Orcia

Photographing Tuscany: The Val d’Orcia

Ugo Cei gives takes on on a tour and gives us in-depth information about photographing Tuscany.
November 10, 2017/by Ugo Cei
Sharqiya Sands (Wahiba Sands), Oman

Photographing the Desert

So you are about to take a trip to the desert....Here are few suggestion from travel photographer Ugo Cei about what how to photograph the desert scene.
September 5, 2017/by Ugo Cei

If you were to ask me what do I do, I would say that I am an educator who helps photography enthusiasts sharpen their skills, so that they can take amazing pictures.

I do this in various ways. First of all, by providing a wealth of free content here on Visual Wilderness and on my own website.

I lead photography tours and workshops to some cool destinations, including ScotlandVenice, Cappadocia, Oman, Greece, Kenya, and others.

My latest creative outlet is a podcast called Closing The_Gap. Every Wednesday, me and my friend Fabrizia Costa will discuss topics like what it means to have talent, or a lack of it; finding and developing a personal style; daring to produce something out of the ordinary; evoking emotions and connecting to people through photographs; dealing with criticism; achieving recognition and commercial success.

I also co-host and publish a weekly podcast about travel photography, The Traveling Image Makers. Every week, we pick the brains of famous and not-so-famous travel photographers to learn what it means to travel for the love of photography and photograph for the love of travel.

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