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2014 Black Friday Sale

Here in the US, we are getting ready to celebrate our Thanksgiving Holiday - and at Visual Wilderness, we're getting ready to kick off our annual Holiday Sale.

Into the Visual Wilderness

Welcome to Visual Wilderness - where photography is King, and the sun revolves around our cameras!
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Negative Space versus Dead Space

Improve your photography by learning to make the most of negative space - and to avoid "dead" space.

What is the Subject?

Thinking process enabling the subject to stand out inline with your vision in Photography
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How to Shoot Waves

If you're going to shoot waves, you'd better bring along a few extra memory cards. The shifting seascape makes it difficult to pack up and leave, since the next wave is surely the one!
VW 21 - Seasonal Colors Critique

VW21: Seasonal Colors Critique

In Visual Wilderness episode 21, we critique a collection of photos from our seasonal color assignment.

Visual Wilderness Round-up - October 2014

In this video you'll find out what's been happening on Visual Wilderness in October, 2014.
Hraunfossar, Iceland

6 Tips for Building a Solid Customer Base

We share some tips to help you build your business and a solid customer base.

Unveiling Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the world's most amazing sites. Join travel photographer Clint Burkinshaw as he relives his experience and explores the lost kingdom.
Valley of Shadow of Death, Death Valley National Park, CA

What Sells: Fine Art Wall Calendar

Self-publishing photographic calendars can be a very lucrative business for landscape photographers.