A Guide to Cleaning Your Tripod

After shooting in salt water and sand in Hawaii, our tripods were badly in need of cleaning. Here is how we clean our tripod.
Ice Cave in Southern Iceland

Clothing for Photographing in Frigid Temperatures

Grant Collier provides recommendations on clothing, including gloves, boots, and base layers, for photographing frigid temperatures.
Calling Out Eagle

Photographing Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary

Pro wildlife photographer Rahul Sachdev tell us about wildlife photographers paradise of Tal Chappar - The Grassland Wonder.

Benefits of Using Single-point Focus

Clint Burknishaw walks us through different focusing scenarios that will benefit from your camera's single-point focus setting.
Organ Pipe Cactus at Sunset by Anne McKinnell

Low Light Photography: 4 Fun Techniques to Try

Here are four fun techniques you can try in low light photography from Pro Photographer Anne McKinnell.

Choosing Beginner Landscape Photography Gear

Pro photographer David Kingham gives sound advise for beginners for acquiring a ideal landscape photography gear.

How to use Shutter Speed Creatively

Gaurav Mittal presents a compelling arguments on how and why you should be using shutter speed to capture creative images.

Visual Stories with Exposure Blending

Dr. Sapna Reddy shares how she produces stunning landscape photos by combining multiple exposure taken over extended period of time.
Linville Falls

Finding the Perfect Camera Bag

Searching for the perfect camera bag only to find the task more daunting than you had planned? Allow me to help narrow the field of choices for you.

Ideas for Capturing Sunbeams

Dramatic sunbeams occur only under certain conditions. They appear when sunlight passes through - and is scattered by - particles in the air.

Fast, Redundant, Fail-Safe Photo Storage Solution

Francesco Carucci tells us how to implement a cheap, simple, fast, expandable, redundant photo storage to keep prevent an accidental loss of photos.

Top 5 Tips for Mountain Photography

Mountain landscape photography has challenges. Follow these 5 steps to improve your alpine images without having to move mountains for the best results.