Lightroom Tutorial for Waterfall Photography Cover

Lightroom for Waterfall Photography

-Lightroom Tutorial by By Kate Silvia
-Workflow Series: Waterfalls eBook by Jay & Varina Patel.

Start-to-Finish Lightroom Tutorial to bring out incredible details & vibrant colors for Waterfall Photography



Video tutorials worth $2200 for just $14.95/mo.

What’s Included

The Workflow Series – Waterfalls eBook
  • Format:  eBook, PDF format, 24 pages
  • Size:  16.8 MB
  • Requirement:  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater
Lightroom Tutorial
  • Instant access to downloadable video files.
  • 7 Adobe Lightroom Tutorials for landscape photographers who want to go beyond the basic editing tools and learn new artistic techniques in their post processing workflow
  • Over 80 minutes of video content – in-depth explanations, examples, step by step workflow, and an introduction to some advanced techniques.

Software Requirements

  • Compatible with: Photoshop CC2018 & above, Lightroom Classic CC 2018 & above

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use Lightroom Classic CC & Photoshop CC to bring out the best in all of your Waterfall Photos.
  • Discover how Lightroom’s Range Masks and Local Adjustments can bring out incredible textures and vibrant colors for waterfall photography
  • In-depth discussion about how to overcome common challenges when processing waterfall landscapes.
  • Learn about practical Lightroom techniques to add depth and drama to your waterfalls.
  • Waterfall Photography eBook explores how pro’s use circular polarizers, ND filters, shutter speed to capture waterfalls.
  • You’ll use real life case studies and in-depth explanations from Jay & Varina Patel’s Workflow Series eBook.

Is this Lightroom Tutorial for me?

This tutorial is for you if:

  • You have a basic knowledge of RAW processing in Lightroom and a working knowledge of Photoshop.
  • You want to go beyond the basics, and learn how to create breath taking waterfalls photos with specific tools in Lightroom.
  • You want to find out how to create impact with waterfall photography using vibrant colors, rich contrast, and incredible details.
  • You want to learn variety of Lightroom techniques to target localized adjustments and draw attention to your subject.

This tutorial might not be the right fit if:

  • You are just getting started in post processing. If you don’t know how to use Lightroom or Photoshop, you may want to find out more before you start this course.
  • You want to learn the basics. You’ll get the most from this course if you have a solid foundation in Lightroom and Photoshop. 
  • You want in-depth explanations of how global & local adjustment work in Lightroom, or how to use layers & masks in Photoshop.
  • You want to learn about camera settings including bracketing, exposure, focus and composition. This course is focused on post-processing only.

About Lightroom for Waterfall Photography Tutorial

The Workflow Series – Waterfalls eBook

Join professional photographers, Varina and Jay Patel, as they discuss their vision, their thinking process, and the post-processing workflow they use for six of their most popular waterfall images.  Learn about circular polarizers, ND filters, shutter speed, and so much more! The pros will show how to photograph waterfalls using a wide variety of techniques!

Lightroom Tutorial

Lightroom is a powerful photo editing software package for landscape photographers. For the most part there’s no need for other software programs when you have all the editing tools a photographer could want. In this Lightroom Tutorials you will see Kate’s approach for post processing waterfall photography to create breath taking images.

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