Details & Macro Photography

-Lightroom Tutorial by By Kate Silvia
-Workflow Series: Details & Macro eBook by Jay & Varina Patel.

Complete start-to-finish workflow to create stunning macro photos.

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Video tutorials worth $2200 for just $19.95 $14.95/mo.


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  • Details & Macro Photography Cover

    Details & Macro

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  • Lightroom for Macro Photography 2018-03 Cover

    Lightroom for Macro Photography

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    Macro Photography Lenses

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What’s Included?

The Workflow Series – Details & Macro Photography eBook 

  • Format:  eBook, PDF format, 24 pages
  • Size:  16.8 MB
  • Requirement:  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater

Lightroom Tutorial

  • Instant access to downloadable video files.
  • 7 Adobe Lightroom Tutorials for landscape photographers who want to go beyond the basic editing tools and learn new artistic techniques in their post processing workflow
  • Over 70+ minutes of video content – in-depth explanations, examples, step by step workflow, and an introduction to some advanced techniques.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about focus stacking to get everything sharply in focus, and so much more!
  • Explore creative ways to photograph tiny subjects from the Pros!
  • How to use Lightroom Classic to bring out the best in all for your Macro Photography
  • Learn to use basic adjustments to add textures and details
  • Discover the benefits of targeted color adjustments
  • And much more!

About The Macro Photography Bundle

The Workflow Series – Details & Macro eBook

Join professional photographers, Varina and Jay Patel, as they discuss their vision, their thinking process, and the post-processing workflow they use for six of their most popular macro images.  Learn about focus stacking, creativity, diffusers & reflectors, and so much more! The pros will show how to photograph macro subjects using a wide variety of techniques!

Lightroom Tutorial

Lightroom is a complete photo editing software package. For the most part there’s no need for multiple programs when you have all the editing tools a photographer could want in one place. From basic adjustments and easy presets, to HDR, image stitching, tonal & color range masking, and targeted adjustments, Lightroom has it all.

  • You’ll see my approach to processing macro photos
  • In these Lightroom Tutorials I’ll walk you step by step through the editing process
  • You’ll learn how to start globally, and then target locally in each image
  • I’ll teach you how to bring attention to and draw the eye straight to your main subject.
  • You’ll see some of the common challenges with processing macro images and how I deal with them.

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