What do you wear for cold weather photography?

What do you wear for cold weather photography when you kn ow you’ll be spending part of the time standing in cold water?

Iconic Locations: Why do you keep going back?

Do you believe that some iconic locations have been photographed so often that there's no way to get a unique photo? I don't think so!
This little bird had the beach all to himself one morning. Captiva, FL USA April 2014 ©2014 Elle Bruce www.ellebruce.com

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Is it best to pursue nature photography on your own? After all being in nature can be great for contemplation, peace, & quiet.

How to put photography back in your life

"I don't have time for photography!! I need to finish my taxes, stack firewood, respond to 47 new emails, prep images, take kids to school..." - Here is how to put photography back in your life.

Backyard Landscape Photography - Why Not?

Landscape photography can be done in your own back yard. Denis Grenier tells us why he loves to shoot in his own backyard.
Dolomites workshop with Erin Babnik

How to Make the Most of a Photography Workshop

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Is your website mobile friendly? Here are few things to consider when you are designing your site to be mobile-friendly.

3 Wrong Reasons to pursue Landscape Photography

The world of Landscape & Nature photography has become increasingly competitive.....so how does one enjoy being a landscape photographer?