Top 3 Misconceptions about Night Photography

Night photography is intriguing, fun, and not as difficult as you may think. This article counters three misconceptions about shooting photos at night.

Photo Stacking for Night Photography

Pro photographer Joshua Snow share in depth Photo Stacking technique for breathtaking noise free night photography.

How Moonlight Effects Night Photos

Pro photographer Grant Collier shows us how to use moonlight to create breathtaking night photos.

Night Photography of Stars with Moonlight

Ugo Cei shows us how to use moonlight can be used to light up the foreground and capture stars for night photography.
Total Lunar Eclipse over Canyonlands N.P.

Why Upcoming Lunar Eclipse Presents a Rare Photo Opportunity

Grant Collier explains why upcoming lunar eclipse presents a rare opportunity for landscape photographers.
Northern Lights

A Beginners Guide to Photographing Northern Lights

From Logistic to Focusing - Everything you wanted to know about getting started with photographing Northern Lights
Polar Night © Ugo Cei

6 Tips for Photographing During Winter Nights

Ugo Cei give us some very useful pointers for effectively photographing during winter nights.
Milky Way over Utah

Creating Panoramas of Night Photos

One of the best solutions for making large fine art prints of night photos is to create panoramas.
Northern light over Iceland

The Basics of Night Photography

Night photography has become very popular in recent years, as…

Tips for Cool Night Photos!

Keep an eye on your histogram, and don't be afraid of experimentation... here are a few basic tips for night photography.