Creative Photography with Lensbaby Tutorial Cover

Creative Photography with Lensbaby

Experiment... take risks... break the rules... make mistakes... have fun... and capture striking photos with Lensbaby.
Essential Photography Filters Cover

Essential Photography Filters

How to create stunning images using photography filters... when to use them, why we carry them, and when it's best to put them away.

Vibrant Colors

Learn to make the most of your camera settings, gear, and creative decisions to capture the rich, vibrant colors you see in nature.

Illuminated Course

Mastering light in landscape photography and coming way with brilliant photos, no matter what.
Macro Photography Lenses Cover

Macro Photography Lenses

Learn to overcome the big challenges of shooting small subjects with your macro photography lens.
Wide Angle Lens Video Course Cover

Wide Angle Lenses

Make the most of your wide angle lens to capture grand vistas with incredible depth and detail.
Hyperfocal Distance Tutorial Cover

Hyperfocal Distance

Feel confident using Hyperfocal Distance to get in close with a wide angle lens and get everything in focus... from foreground details all the way to the distant horizon.
In Sharp Focus Tutorial Cover

In Sharp Focus

Learn how to handle difficult focusing situations… discover the best practices and camera settings for sharp focus… and find out how you can get creative with focus, too!

Creating Impact Vol-2

Go beyond the basic rules to build stronger compositions with visual impact.
Landscape Photography Tutorial - Getting it Right in Camera V2 Cover

Getting it Right in Camera Vol-2

Go beyond technical skills and capture stunning photos right in camera—regardless of the conditions.
Landscape Photography Tutorial - Getting it Right in Camera V1 Cover

Getting it Right in Camera Vol-1

Go beyond technical skills and capture stunning photos right in camera—regardless of the conditions.

Creating Impact

Go beyond the basic rules to build stronger compositions with visual impact.
Exposure Bracketing Tutorial for Landscape Photography Cover

Bracketing Exposed

Push beyond the limitations of your camera, and gain control of your highlights and shadows with this complete guide to exposure bracketing for high dynamic range photography.

Spot on Exposure

Put your knowledge of the exposure triangle into practice. Learn to manually expose your photograph using your camera’s spot meter.
Photography Histogram Tutorial Cover

Histograms Exposed

No more guesswork… no more hoping for the best… no more poorly exposed photographs. It’s time to take control of your camera.

Behind the Lens

Learn how to approach a scene and how to navigate the range of options available to you in order to produce a finished image that matches your artistic vision.

What People Are Saying

My wife and I bought your video courses In Sharp Focus and Hyperfocal Distance. We loved them!!
John & Laurie GilliesSchaumburg, Illinois
Cover for Landscape photography blog about hyperfocal distance by Jay Patel.

Hyperfocal Distance: 5 Popular Myths Debunked

Pro Photographer Jay Patel shares some of the more popular myths surrounding Hyperfocal distance and why you should ignore them.
July 16, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover for Beginner Landscape Photography Blog post by Jay Patel

Beginner Landscape Photography: 3 Steps for Getting Started

From equipment to post processing here three simple steps for beginner landscape photography by pro photographer Jay Patel.
June 22, 2019/by Jay Patel
Creative photography with Lensbaby tutorial by Jay Patel

5 Important Variables for Creative Photography

Creative photography allows you to come away with some striking landscape photos no matter what. Here are few tips to get you started.
June 10, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover for Landscape Photography article about being creative by Jay Patel.

Why creativity is important for Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Jay Patel explains how learning to be creative can take your landscape photography to the next level.
June 5, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover photos for landscape photography article about histograms in photography by Jay Patel

How to use Histograms in Photography

Pro photographer Jay Patel shows us look at how to use histograms in photography to fine tune your camera exposure and post processing.
May 27, 2019/by Jay Patel
Landscape photography blog cover for article on photography composition by Jay Patel

Photography Composition: How to Create Visual Impact

Here is a detailed look as how pro photographer Jay Patel uses more then just rules for photography composition to capture stunning landscape photos.
May 17, 2019/by Jay Patel

How to Make Money with Nature Photography

Which nature photography images make money? This is a simple question is frustratingly difficult to answer. Here are few ideas to get you started.
May 10, 2019/by Jay Patel
Landscape photography at Cannibal Bay, New Zealand

Landscape Photography Workflow for Beginners

Professional photographer Jay Patel provides several landscape photography tips to provide an easier learning experience for beginners.
May 1, 2019/by Jay Patel
Landscape Photography in Glacier National Park, Montana by Varina Patel

How many Megapixels do I need for Landscape Photography?

Since the start of the digital era, camera makers have been in a race for the highest megapixel count. But, how many megapixels are enough?
April 3, 2019/by Jay Patel

Top 5 Post-Processing Tips for Nature Photographers

Jay Patel takes in in-depth look at look at post processing the mistakes that beginner nature photographers should avoid.
March 22, 2019/by Jay Patel

Top 5 Tips for building a successful Nature Photography Business

It is not easy to build a successful nature photography business. Here are few ideas that helped Visual Wilderness grow.
March 8, 2019/by Jay Patel
Landscape Photography Article on Photography Filters by Jay Patel

Are Graduated Neutral Density Filters Still Relevant?

Is it better to use Graduated Neutral Density Filters in the field, or high dynamic range (HDR) processing in Photoshop for nature photos?
February 18, 2019/by Jay Patel
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I could start off like this – “Seeds of Jay Patel’s appreciation for beautiful places were planted early in his childhood….” but it would get boring really fast. I will just sum it up and say that I am a Landscape and Wilderness Photographer who loves to capture dramatic light. My photographs have been published in various magazines, calendars and advertising materials throughout the world.

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