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Passionate hobbyists should follow Jay and Varina Patel

Passionate hobbyists interested in learning the technical aspects of photography in a simple and understanding way should follow Jay and Varina Patel.
Jaikumar Menon
Mumbai, India

Thank you Varina for explaining hyper focal distance

I am thrilled that this weekend I got to put to use what I have learned so far. Thank you Varina for explaining hyper focal distance, it even worked with my little Olympus OMD M5 with the kit 12-50mm lens. Thank you both for explaining how to use layers.

Robert Forrister
Makanda, Illinois

This is a really well structured and explained course

I thank you for your knowledge and practical walk through of the location and thought process with the final shots. This is a really well structured and explained course (Behind the Lens). It has given me the confidence to go out and explore and push myself further than I have ever expected to achieve.

Peter Lord
NSW, Australia

In Sharp Focus Webinar was informative

In Sharp Focus Webinar was informative and gave me a better understanding and appreciation of some sharpening techniques available in software I use, but that I haven’t utilized before.

Norman, Oklahoma

It was excellent!

In camera exposure principles very simply explained in today’s Mastering Exposure Webinar . It was excellent!

Alan Dixon
Norwich, England

You guys do a fabulous job teaching

You guys do a fabulous job teaching the Essential Filters Course  in a fairly easy and straightforward manner that we can comprehend quickly. I have already learned a lot about different tips and tricks just by watching some of your video courses. Kudos to both of you and I deeply appreciate it.

Jeffery Wong

The information is easy to understand and to the point

I bought several of your Video Courses and I just love them. They are enthusiastic, the information is easy to understand and to the point. It makes me want to run out and try all your tips . Best of all the photography from all over the world is just fantastic! Great work! Will be watching for more!

Upper Michigan, USA

Very informative and well presented

In Sharp Focus Webinar was very informative and well presented.

Gavin Stuart
Chatham, Ontario, Canada

Great stuff!

I’m enjoying your Creating Impact Course video tutorials and case studies. They’ve really helped clarify a number of areas that have always been a big vague for me – like hyperfocal distance! I’ve also really appreciated seeing your thought process when deciding how to photograph a location and the steps you work through in post processing. Great stuff! :)

Ruth Smith
Tasmania, Australia

In Sharp Focus Webinar was excellent

In Sharp Focus Webinar was excellent…just enough information covered without information overload.

Tom Power

Mastering Simplification in Nature Photography

Learn to organize & simplify your nature photography compositions to create images with strong visual impact with Jay & Varina Patel.
Cover for Nature Photography Tutorial about Composition

Creating Impact with Nature Photography

Learn to go beyond the basic rules to build stronger nature photography compositions with visual impact with Jay & Varina Patel.
Creative Photography with Shutter Speed Tutorial Cover

Creative Photography with Shutter Speed

Learn to use shutter speed to go beyond your own expectations as you visualize & capture expressive photos with our creative photography tutorial.
Cover for Hyperfocal Distance for Landscape Photography Rev. 3

Hyperfocal Distance for Landscape Photography

Feel confident using hyperfocal distance for landscape photography to get in close with a wide angle lens and get everything in sharp focus.
Cover for Creative Photography Tutorial using Aperture Setting by Jay & Varina Patel

Creative Photography with Aperture

Learn to use your aperture setting with our creative photography tutorial and fill your portfolio with original, imaginative and expressive images.
Telephoto Lenses for Nature Photography Cover by Varina Patel

Telephoto Lenses for Nature Photography

Learn to freeze motion, eliminate blur, catch wildlife in action, be creative, and capture awe-inspiring photos with your telephoto lenses.
Creative Photography with Lensbaby Tutorial Cover

Creative Photography with Lensbaby

Experiment... take risks... break the rules... make mistakes... have fun... and capture striking photos with Lensbaby.
Essential Photography Filters Cover

Essential Photography Filters

How to create stunning images using photography filters... when to use them, why we carry them, and when it's best to put them away.

Vibrant Colors in Nature Photography

Learn to make the most of your camera settings, gear, and creative decisions to capture the rich, vibrant colors you see in nature.

Illuminated Course

Mastering light in landscape photography and coming way with brilliant photos, no matter what.
Macro Photography Lenses Cover

Macro Photography Lenses

Learn to overcome the big challenges of shooting small subjects with your macro photography lens.
In Sharp Focus Tutorial Cover

Nature Photography In Sharp Focus

Learn how to handle difficult focusing situations… discover the best practices and camera settings for sharp focus… and find out how you can get creative with focus, too!
Wide Angle Lens Video Course Cover

Wide Angle Lenses

Make the most of your wide angle lens to capture grand vistas with incredible depth and detail.
Landscape Photography Tutorial - Getting it Right in Camera V1 Cover

Getting it Right in Camera

Go beyond technical skills and capture stunning photos right in camera—regardless of the conditions.
Exposure Bracketing Tutorial for Landscape Photography Cover

Bracketing Exposed

Push beyond the limitations of your camera, and gain control of your highlights and shadows with this complete guide to exposure bracketing for high dynamic range photography.
Photography Histogram Tutorial Cover

Histograms Exposed

No more guesswork… no more hoping for the best… no more poorly exposed photographs. It’s time to take control of your camera.

Mastering Manual Exposure in Nature Photography

Put your knowledge of the exposure triangle into practice. Learn to manually expose your photograph using your camera’s spot meter.
Cover for iconic landscape photography location blog post by Varina Patel

How many Megapixels do I need for Landscape Photography?

Camera manufacturers have been in a race for the highest megapixel count. But, how many megapixels are enough in landscape photography?
April 3, 2019/by Jay Patel

2018: A Year in Review at Visual Wilderness

2018 is coming to an end. Join us as we review the past year of Visual Wilderness and take a peak into the coming year.
December 26, 2018/by Jay Patel
When to Upgrade Your Camera for Landscape Photography Blog Post by Jay Patel

Am I ready for a camera upgrade?

“I just bought the latest and greatest camera! Now I'll take much better pictures!” – Will a camera upgrade make you a better nature photographer?
October 27, 2018/by Jay Patel
Cover Image on Exposure Blending Photoshop Tutorials sample file from Kirkjufoss, Iceland

Do your nature photos have enough details?

When post processing nature photos how do you know when you need more detail, and when you don’t?
July 2, 2018/by Jay Patel
Cover photo for Landscape Photography blog post about Range Masks in Lightroom

3 More Mistakes to Avoid When Working with Light

Pro photographer Jay Patel shares with us 3 mistakes to avoid when working with light for nature and travel photography.
June 1, 2018/by Jay Patel

Nature Photography Flash Sale – 77% OFF

All the tools you need to build a stunning portfolio - from field technique to post-processing workflow... and everything in between.
April 12, 2018/by Jay Patel

Last Chance to Grab 9 Video Tutorials for Less Than $7 Each!!

This year I'm going to find out what it take to create spectacular photos like these! Here is how you can get started.
January 8, 2018/by Jay Patel
Nature Photography by Jay & Varina Patel

2017 – A Year In Review

We want to take some time to wish you happy holidays and say…
December 28, 2017/by Jay Patel
Landscape photography from The Wave at Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona by Jay Patel

Landscape Photos From 2017

Here are just few of the amazing landscape photos published on Visual Wilderness by our contributors and guest authors in 2017.
December 26, 2017/by Jay Patel
Nature Photography by Jay & Varina Patel

Black Friday Deals Ends Today

50% OFF Visual Wilderness Membership allows you to access to ALL video courses for ONLY $0.37/mo per course.
November 27, 2017/by Jay Patel
Cover image for 3 Myths Photographers Believe on Social Media Blog Article

Free Course: Developing Creativity

Do you want to get your creative juices flowing? Here is a free short course in developing creativity.
September 22, 2017/by Jay Patel

Dos and Don’ts of Photographing Lava Fields

Here are few tips from Jay Patel to come away with stunning and creative images while photographing lava fields.
August 23, 2017/by Jay Patel

I could start off like this – “Seeds of Jay Patel’s success were planted early in his childhood….” but it would get boring really fast. I will just sum it up this way...

I am a Program Manager, Website Designer, Photographer, Avid Biker who loves to experiment… take risks… break the rules… have fun… in pursuit of inspiration and creativity. I have 15+ years of program management experience with highly complex hardware & software development cycles.

....and one more thing. I love nature photography and my work has been sold and published worldwide.


Over past few years I have starred in, filmed, produced and edited over 100+ on location videos for educational & commercial usage. Here is a small sample:

The best job in the world!

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