Winter Photography: Desert Landscapes

Winter photography in desert can be highly rewarding. Here is Peter Coskun to show us how to get the job done right.

Aerial Photography Tips for Beginners

Denise Ippolito shares her aerial photography experience and camera settings for creating some unique photos from a different perspective.
Near Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, ScotlandCopyright © 2018 Ugo Cei

Travel Photography: What to Do When the Weather Sucks

With the right attitude and a few tricks, you can come away with great travel photos under any type of weather or light condition.
Chrissy Donadi

5 Indispensable Winter Photography Tips

Winter photography can be detrimental to your gear.  Follow these 5 indispensable cold weather photography tips to protect your gear in extreme cold.
Photographing bears in action in Kodiak Alaska

Photographing Bears in Alaska

Denise Ipolitto shares here experience and knowledge about photographing bears in Kodiak Alaska.

3 Simple Post Processing Tips for Fall Photography

Here are a few simple color post processing tips to make your colors realistically pop in fall photography.

An Important Lesson for Landscape Photographers

As a landscape photographer, don't ever completely take a weather report's word for it. Get out there and risk it... and often return with fantastic photos!

6 Highly Effective Tips for Fall Photography

Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year for fall photography opportunities. Here some tips and inspiration to motivate you as the season approaches.
Underwater photography of Turtle.

Jane Palmer's Tips for Underwater Photography

Here are some insights from Jane Palmer on how to get started with underwater photography.

Wildlife Photography on the Falkland Islands

Some of the best wildlife photography in the world can be had on the Falkland Islands: a remote South Atlantic archipelago.
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana by Anne McKinnell

5 Techniques to Create Dramatic Photos of Piers

Docks and piers are great subjects for dramatic photos. This article outlines five techniques to ensure your pier and dock photos are both dramatic and dynamic.

Leave It Better Than You Found It

As landscape photographers, it's important to lead by example and leave our photography locations in better shape than we found them.