Cover for landscape photography blog post about Photoshop Layers & Masks by Kate Silvia

5 Reasons to use Photoshop Layers & Masks instead of Lightroom

Pro nature photographer Kate Silvia shares 5 things you can do with Photoshop Layers & Masks that you cannot do with Lightroom.
April 20, 2020/by Kate Silvia
Cover for nature photography blog about post processing.

Nature Photography – Common Post Processing mistakes to Avoid

Pro photographer Kate Silvia shares these common post processing mistakes for nature photography and how you can easily avoid them.
January 29, 2020/by Kate Silvia
Cover for blog post about how to crop in Lightroom by Kate Silvia

How to get a perfect crop in Lightroom

Professional photographer Kate Silvia shares a video tutorial showing how you can get a perfect crop in Lightroom every time.
October 28, 2019/by Kate Silvia
Cover for Nature Photography blog article about creative post processing by Kate Silvia

5 Creative Post-Processing Tips for Nature Photography

Creative post processing has ability to turn your ordinary photos into works of art. Here are few tip from Kate Silvia to get your started.
August 26, 2019/by Kate Silvia
Cover for Photoshop blog article about Dodging and Burning by Kate Silvia

Dodging & Burning for Landscape Photography Simplified

Pro photographer Kate Silvia shares a quick video about simplified dodging and burning technique in Photoshop for landscape photography.
June 19, 2019/by Kate Silvia

Top 5 Tips for majestic Mountain Photography

Kate Silvia offers highly effective mountain photography tips to make sure that you may come way with some breathtaking photos of the majestic mountains.
March 20, 2019/by Kate Silvia
A Beginner's Guide to Histograms in Photography Blog Post by Kate Silvia

A Beginner’s Guide to Camera Histograms in Photography

Here is an article by pro photographer Kate Silvia that gives you an insight into why and how you should be using histograms in photography.
March 11, 2019/by Kate Silvia
Cover image of Myth of bad light for landscape photography blog post by Kate Silvia

Myth of Bad Light for Landscape Photography

As photographers, we all love the golden hours. But in reality, Kate Silvia explains why there is no such thing as bad light for landscape photography.
January 9, 2019/by Kate Silvia

An Important Lesson for Landscape Photographers

As a landscape photographer, don't ever completely take a weather report's word for it. Get out there and risk it... and often return with fantastic photos!
September 12, 2018/by Kate Silvia
When To Use High ISO for Nature Photography Blog Post by Kate Silvia

When To Use High ISO for Landscape and Nature Photography

Kate Silvia shares advice on when it is appropriate to use high ISO in Landscape and Nature Photography Images.
April 25, 2018/by Kate Silvia
Rocky Fork

How to use diagonals in photography composition

Pro-photographer Kate Silvia discusses use diagonals in photography and their effectiveness in creating a visual impact for your nature photos.
March 9, 2018/by Kate Silvia
The narrows

How to Effortlessly Photograph Flowing Water

Pro Photographer Kate Silvia talks about how she manages to effortlessly capture flowing water to create breathtaking landscape photos.
January 31, 2018/by Kate Silvia
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I’ve always loved taking pictures…even when I didn’t really know how.  I’ve also always loved teaching others.  I was the person who loved to train the new people at whatever job I had. (There’ve been a few…an environmental regulator, an aquarium curator…yes I swam with sharks and got bit by a moray eel, a juggler at the games at Six Flags in my younger years) But I digress…

I really love seeing an aspiring photographer take a shot that they didn’t know they could and just grin ear to ear.  I’m tickled by Photoshop newbies when they see how much they can improve what the camera spits out and make the images reflect their emotions when they captured them.

My photographic goals are simple, to Inspire People! I want to inspire people to better appreciate the natural world and hopefully take simple steps to improve the environment.

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