Namaskard, Iceland

Using a Tilt Shift Lens

Namaskard, Iceland

Did you know you can use a Tilt Shift Lens to get everything in perfect focus... even with a wide aperture setting? That's what Jay did for this shot he took in Iceland. We don't recommend purchasing a TS-E lens until you understand how they work. Instead, do what we did - rent one from They'll send you the lens on the date you specify, and you can just ship it back when you return. We kept two TS-E lenses for 13 days, and it was great to be able to use them on-location without breaking the bank.


While on-location in Iceland, we created this short video too give you an overview of how we used a tilt-shift lens to capture a wide vista in sharp focus - while using a wide aperture to let in as much light as possible. Please forgive our questionable videography skills. :)

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