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Nature photography tips, inspiration, real-life stories from some of the world’s best landscape photographers.

Cover for landscape photography composition blog post by Jay Patel

3 Ideas to Simplify a Landscape Photography Composition

Here are few ideas by pro Jay Patel to overcome challenges of creating a simple landscape photography composition that works.
August 26, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for blog about Nature Photography Composition by Jay Patel

Nature Photography Composition Tips for Every Occasion

Here are some highly effective ideas that pro photographer Jay Patel uses for creating impact with his nature photography composition.
August 24, 2020/by Jay Patel

Mastering Light Online Photography Workshop- August 22 & 23

Join the pros as they teach Online Nature Photography Classes empowering you to master light in the field and in post-processing.
August 21, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for Black and White Photography blog post by Varina Patel

Black and White Photography Tips to Control Tonal Contrast

Here are some black and white photography tips from Varina Patel to control tonal contrast using Photoshop Layers & Masks.
August 19, 2020/by Varina Patel
Cover for landscape photography blog about light by Jay Patel

3 Landscape Photography Ideas to Capture Jaw-dropping Photos

Pro photographer Jay Patel shares practical ideas about how to use light in landscape photography capture breath taking photos under variety of conditions.
August 14, 2020/by Jay Patel
Landscape photography composition blog cover by Jay Patel

How to Create Impact with Photography Composition

Here is a detailed look as how Jay Patel builds a landscape photography composition around his subject to create visual impact.
August 10, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for Travel photography blog post about capturing fall colors in Japan by Ugo Cei.

Travel Photography Tips for Capturing Fall Colors in Japan

Pro photographer Ugo Cei's shares travel photography tips for visiting Japan to capture outstanding fall colors and avoid the crowds.
August 7, 2020/by Ugo Cei
Cover for Night Photography Blog post by Grant Collier

A Beginners guide for Night Photography

Pro photographer Grant Collier gives us an insight on what kind of equipment, planning and camera settings is needed for night photography.
August 5, 2020/by Grant

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