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Landscape photography tips, inspiration, real-life stories from some of the world’s best landscape photographers.

Cover for landscape photography blog about exposure in photography by Jay Patel

Indispensable Lessons for setting Exposure in Photography

Knowing about the exposure triangle is not enough for nature photographers to master exposure in photography and realize their creative vision.
March 11, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover for landscape photography blog about ISO setting Josh Cripps

The ONLY reason to change your ISO in Photography

Josh Cripps explains why landscape photographers should firmly plant their ISO in photography at its lowest possible base setting except for this reason.
March 9, 2020/by Joshua Cripps
Cover for nature photography blog about fine art print by Peter Dulis

A Beginners Guide for Creating Fine Art Prints

Do you want to create high quality fine art prints from your landscape photography? Here are some in depth tips from Peter Dulis.
March 6, 2020/by Infocus Guest Author
Cover for nature photography blog post about white balance by Jay Patel

How to choose correct White Balance for Nature Photography

Pro photographer Varina Patel explains why selecting the white balance for nature photography is so difficult...and how she gets around the problem.
March 4, 2020/by Varina Patel
Cover for landscape photography blog post about filters and accessories by Jay Patel

My Two Favorite Landscape Photography Accessories

Pro photographer Jay Patel's recommends that beginners always carry these important landscape photography accessories.
March 2, 2020/by Jay Patel
Cover Bird Photography blog by Gaurav Mittal

Indispensable Bird Photography Tips for achieving Sharp Focus

Discover the best focus modes and settings to achieve sharp focus when photographing birds in flight with these indispensable bird photography tips.
February 28, 2020/by Gaurav Mittal
Cover for landscape photography composition blog article

4 Ideas to Improve Every Landscape Photography Composition

Pro photographer Chrissy Donadi shares 4 practical tips to help you make every landscape photography composition more compelling and balanced.
February 26, 2020/by Chrissy Donadi
Cover for blog article about Lightroom for Landscape Photography by David Johnston

Easy Lightroom Workflow for Landscape Photography

David Johnston shares three important steps to master in Lightroom to create amazing nature and landscape photography images.
February 24, 2020/by David Johnston

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