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How I Captured the Great American Eclipse

Amateur photographer Rajesh Jyothiswaran shares his vision and technique to create this stunning photo of the Great American Eclipse.
September 18, 2017/by Infocus Guest Author

How to Expose for Birds in Flight

Pro photographer Rahul Schadev share highly effective technique to accurately expose for birds in flight.
September 15, 2017/by Rahul Sachdev
Mud cracks in death valley

How to Edit Photos on the Road

Learn how a full time nomad David Kingham's techniques to edit photos on the road using a laptop.
September 13, 2017/by David Kingham

Getting Ready to Photograph Fall Colors

Here are few easy to follow tips from Peter Coskun to get your excited and ready to photograph fall colors,
September 11, 2017/by Peter Coskun

Create a Logo using your Signature

Christine Hauber shows you how to design your own unique logo using your signature in Photoshop.
September 8, 2017/by Christine Hauber

5 Myths About Hyperfocal Distance

Pro Photographer Jay Patel debunks the some of the popular myths surrounding Hyperfocal distance.
September 6, 2017/by Jay Patel
Sharqiya Sands (Wahiba Sands), Oman

Photographing the Desert

So you are about to take a trip to the desert....Here are few suggestion from travel photographer Ugo Cei about what how to photograph the desert scene.
September 5, 2017/by Ugo Cei

Photographing Penguins on South Georgia Island

Pro Photographer Denise Ippolito gives us a glimpse of what it is like to photograph the remote location of South Georgia Island.
September 1, 2017/by Denise Ippolito

Stand by Me – A comparison of Photographic Styles

There's nothing better than having someone to travel with - especially if that person is also your best friend. It's always fascinating to compare our photographic styles.
August 30, 2017/by Varina Patel

6 Steps to making emotionally engaging landscape photos

Pro Photographer Charlotte Gibb shares with us her workflow for creating emotionally engaging landscape photos.
August 28, 2017/by Charlotte Gibb

Photographing Iconic Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the world's most amazing sites. Join travel photographer Clint Burkinshaw as he relives his experience and explores the lost kingdom.
August 25, 2017/by Clint Burkinshaw

Dos and Don’ts of Photographing Lava Fields

Here are few tips from Jay Patel to come away with stunning and creative images while photographing lava fields.
August 23, 2017/by Jay Patel